Grown Man Cries Like A Baby Playing Amnesia

Wow. I still can't tell if this is real or fake, but if you feel like watching someone have a nervous breakdown playing Amnesia, then this is the video for you. This chap starts out small, with a few squeals and whimpers, but finishes big by practically weeping like an enormous baby.

Thanks Darren for the heads up!


    There is no way that is real...

    Has to be staged.
    Cant't help wondering if this is what Strange sounds like when playing Alan Wake :D

    I'll believe it, he is just messing with his friends on skype AND recording so he would play it up a bit. Also Amnesia is very scary, don't dudge until you've played at 4am with you're headphones !


      ... and then my father taps me on the shoulder to say he's going to bed. Cue change of pants.

    Oh shit I have a bag of milkyways! 4:25, hahah.

    I got this through the Steam game, downloaded and installed it. Played for 10 minutes and quit. I'm not going back to it till I grow a pair.

      And this, folks, is my favorite comment of the day :)

      2nd vote for comment of the day... that game looks scary... don't think I'm gonna buy it!

    This is fantastic, honestly I don't think it's fake as in.... actually pretending to be a big girl about playing it. I mean the guy is obviously playing it up for a reaction but he's clearly scared.

    This is so fake. How can you not tell? You don't go from joking with your mates to screaming like a little girl in a nano second.

    It's actually really difficult to get scared in a setting like this, chatting on skype to your mates.

    Because your attention is bouncing back and forth between your mates and the game it's really hard to start the whole suspension of disbelief thing which is needed for a good scare.

    LOL...I got a good laugh from this. I've only played it for a little while, and most of that was when my brother was watching because I was majorly chickening out when I was playing it alone. This game has got powerful atmosphere, that's for sure.

    I am up to the part in the sewer (I think that's what it is) where you have to stay out of the water because this running after me. Could not believe my eyes when the idea of distracting it by throwing stuff in the water actually worked. Too bad I was still too scared to go on :(

      Keep going, it gets scarier :)

    I got Penumbra Overture from the Humble Indie Bundle, it is made by the same guys and I am way too scared to play it.
    Amnesia is worse because you are completely helpless without any weapons. They certainly got the atmosphere right.


    This one is better:

    Finally have enough money to get this from Steam. 400MB to go!!

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