GTA-Style Antics Wreak Havoc On Japanese Streets

A 39-year-old man was arrested in Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture after deciding to go on a rampage that can only be described as Gran Theft Auto-esque.

Like in the popular games, 39-year-old Kaoru Koga went around Fukuoka City hoping from stolen car to stolen car, going on hit-and-runs and leaving 6 individuals with minor injuries. His GTA-style antics caused four accidents.

Koga first stole an expressway patrol car and then sped off in the opposite direction. He then ditched the expressway patrol car and then raced off in a taxi after being caught after an hour-long car chase 40 kilometers in Saga Prefecture. Clearly, he was unable to reach his save point.

Man caught after hourlong car chase [Japan Times]


    So what? Now any idiot who steals a couple of cars and speeds off must have been inspired by a video game? Grow up world.

      I don't believe anything implied he was inspired by the GTA games, only that they were GTA-esque or represented the kinds of things portrayed in the game.

      A bloody idiot no doubt. That much we know for sure...

    Yeah, I saw that in the news since I'm living here in Fukuoka.. Kinda scary..

    Livin' the dream.

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