Here Is A Dog In A Tron Costume Playing Donkey Kong

And Excitebike! In Episode 1 of "Tron Dog", the canine protagonist gets sucked into the game grid to dodge barrels and flip a motorbike. I mean, it's Tron Dog, the title sort of speaks for itself, right?

The video stars Sauce, the four-year-old pomeranian owned by Stephanie Farah, who shot the video with William Voermann. Leland Malinski edited and animated it.

We'll keep an eye out for Tron Dog in case he shows up in a more appropriate arcade classic like, say, Paperboy.

[via Matt Hawkins' Twitter]


    More of a rat than a dog :p

      I agree, My bull mastiff X great dane dog would litterally stomp on this rat and cut it's thread. hahaha

      Clip was funny though.

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