Hey, This Fallout Movie Isn't Too Bad!

When the trailer for a fan movie about Fallout was released a few weeks back, I was... sceptical. Which was stupid, because the movie is now out, and it's actually pretty damn good.

The short film is called "Nuka Break", and is about the journey of a Vault survivor, his Ghoul pal Ben and a former slave to... find a stash of ice-cold Nuka Cola.

There's obviously not much Nuka Cola left in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the Fallout universe, so instead, they spend most of their time shooting at people, wandering the desert and exploring the intricacies of Fallout's open-ended mission completion structure.

The flick was directed by Julian Higgins and Zack Finfrock, and written by Brian Clevinger.


    LOL...not bad at all. The after credits sequence was the icing on the cake. "WTF?!"...HAHAHAHA.

    As a FALLOUT 3 fan who got the GOTY Edition (and mostly completed it so far), this was both funny AND accurate.

    More please? Maybe a short web series to prep us for FALLOUT 4?
    (New Vegas is NOT 4. Not Bethesda. :P )

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