How About A TV With Built-In Tetris?

How About A TV With Built-In Tetris?

With today’s smart television sets capable of packing multiple internet applications directly on the hardware, why not just install games directly on the TV? That’s what Oberon Media is doing with Tetris.

Casual gaming company Oberon Media is teaming up with The Tetris Company, LLC to install the world’s most highly-recognized puzzle game on connected televisions and television-related devices in 2011. Soon television sets across multiple popular makes and models will ship with a version of the classic title packed inside the electronics’ firmware.

The first devices with integrated Tetris are expected to ship the first quarter of this year. Along with classic Tetris block-dropping action, this version will also ship with a Space Mode, in which players complete Tetris mini-games to advance their journey through the galaxy.

“With the support of almost every major consumer electronics manufacturer, connected TVs and devices have the potential to reach millions over the next few years,” said Henk Rogers, CEO of Blue Planet Software, the company that manages the exclusive licensing rights to the Tetris game. “With more than 10 years of development leadership in the iTV industry, Oberon can take advantage of these incredibly innovative devices. Our fans can look forward to seeing Tetris on this entirely-new distribution platform.”

With today’s news that OnLive is bringing their streaming gaming service to VISIO televisions and Blu-Ray players, how long will it be before our television sets become our gaming consoles?


  • I’m fairly sure I had a tv with Tetris in it like, five years ago. Admittedly, it was a CRT display, so nobody really cared, and yes, the article is about a full rollout on devices, which is itself news, but yeah, tv’s with Tetris is nothing new.

  • Yeah, +1. I had a CRT tv with tetris on it about 5-6 years ago. Brand: omni. I bought it from aldi for <$60.
    Pretty awesome. It wasn't official tetris though. It was called "game" and was difficult to control with the remote

  • While my new tv hasn’t got any inbuilt games, the one it replaced did. It wasn’t even that old a tv either. I’d only had it a few years before I upgraded to something bigger and better. As already mentioned, Tetris built into tvs isn’t something new.

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