How Dead Space 2's Lighting Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Dead Space 2 finally goes on sale today, and chances are it will scare the living shit out of you. Fancy a look behind the scenes showing exactly how they'll be scaring the shit out of you? Well you came to the right place...

In terms of the tools Visceral games use to terrify and bewilder the player, Dead Space 2's lighting is second only to the incredible sound design, so it's well worth watching this engaging Dev Diary to get an insider's look at the incredible amount of work that goes into making Dead Space 2 one of the scariest games ever made.


    Woah! Been so busy with other games (DC Universe) that I totally forgot this was out today! What a pleasant surprise :D

    Was about to jump into the thread and wildly start throwing words around of "since when do they release games on monday?", it doesn't get released til later in the week... and then it actually dawned on me that it is Thursday!

    Thinking I should call in sick tomorrow and just enjoy a long weekend, before going back to a regular week!

      I had the same feeling this morning!

        On the plus side, it's almost time for weekend again!!! :D

      LOLZ!!!! So dam true! Totally feels like monday today...

    Wondering if my collector's edition will turn up today or be sent out, today, resulting in delivery late as monday...

    This one doesn't like waiting.

      Mine came this morning....

      On that note, this CE is the straw that's broken the camels proverbial back for me. $128 for a pile O crap. I've had enough. This has helped me to final come to terms with the fact that I don't need a CE, LTD or anything 'for the fans' anymore.

      In this case, the 'Lithograph' is nothing more than a shitty piece of cardboard. The replica Plasma Cutter is poorly made and has it's very own big black 'Made in China' decal on it. Issac would be so proud. Sure, what was I expecting...but sheesh....what a waste of money.

      You didn't miss out guys.

        I'm hearing you. I should have paid more attention to the pictures. When the dude brought the CE from out back I saw the size of the box and instantly thought, man that's gonna be crap - and it was! BUT it doesnt put me off CE for some reason. It should by all means, but I cant help myself *guilty look and night vision googles and RC* that I never use. I have the Killzone 3 Helghast edition on preorder, and it looks pretty sweet, expensive though. Ah see what happens :P

          $248 "Ah see what happens :P"! I hope you are satisfied sir.

          I like a good CE, don't get me wrong. I'd just like to see the consumer get something that was more of VALUE. It probably cost them $1 to have that plasma cutter manufactured, yet they have the audacity to charge that much.

        If you're not satisfied with the replica Plasma Cutter (or anyone reading this), I certainly know a good home for one if you want to get rid of it! Only after the Plasma Cutter, don't want anything else.

        Damn EA removing it from the PS3 version in favour of a DLC gun and Digipack... :(

    What is that blue back scratching thing that guy is holding in the background? (55 sec mark)

    Has the USG Kotaku been infested with Necromorphs forcing its terrified crew to write glowing articles about dead space 2 this week? :P

      Sorry it isn't Call of Duty?

      Dead Space 2 is pretty hyped release this year. Has quite a big following amongst the core gamers out there. Besides its done more for the horror genre than other games this generation.

    Picked the game up this morning. *Without spoilers*, I'm about half way through and the game is great! Its about as scary as the first one, e.g. scary as hell with the curtains closed and the surround sound blasting the room!

    I wish I hadn't paid for the Steam release already, I'd go out and buy it in store.

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