I Finished These 51 Video Games In 2010

I Finished These 51 Video Games In 2010
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I finished more than 50 video games in 2010. I did not plan to. But here’s the list.

As I’ve done for each of the past four years, I’ve assembled the list of games I started playing for fun during the preceding year — some 193 of them — and then bolded the ones I finished.

The Necessary Preamble
My tallies went up since 2009, though I had expected them to fall. I’ve been busier with work and home life. I may not have kids, but I am married. I figured all that would translate into fewer games played. Nope.

As always, the list of games I started playing is imprecise. I try to only include games I’ve played for fun, which means I exclude games I only played at press events (finished ones like Gran Turismo 5 and unfinished ones like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword). I do include any game I played at home, though some of them, to be clear, I only played because I had to for work (Fighters Uncaged, I’m talking about you!). I include games I’ve played for only an hour (or as long as it takes to get one’s fill of Extreme Baby Maker) and games I’ve played for weeks.

The main point of the list is to look at what I’ve finished, since that list is more definite. These “finished” games are games in which I reached some sort of narrative end or final level in a linear sequence. I did not 100% complete these games. And, with games like Photo Dojo where completion is a debatable status, I erred on the side of considering the game not finished.

Two things to note: 1) As a games reporter, I get most of the games I play mailed to me, which makes trying this many games economically easy. 2) I wind up playing the most games on platforms that have good download systems and lots of free games and free demos — iPad, iPhone and Xbox 360.

My 2010 Games Played/Finished List


(played 15, completed 5)

1. Dragon Quest IX

2. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

3. Flametail DS

4. Glow Artisan

5. Link ‘N Launch

6. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Miniland Mayhem

7. Photo Dojo

8. Picross 3D

9. Pokemon Soul Silver

10. Snapdots

11. Sonic Colors

12. Starship Defense

13. Super Scribblenauts

14. Trajecticle

15. X-Scape


(played 23, completed 1)

1. Angry Business Man

2. Ash

3. Babylonian Twins

4. Chaos Rings

5. Chu Chu Rocket

6. defence of The Oasis

7. Galaxy on Fire 2 Lite

8. Godfinger All-Stars

9. The Incident

10. Labyrinth 2

11. Mirror’s Edge

12. Rage HD

13. Reckless Racing HD

14. Infinity Blade

15. The Iron Horse

16. Osmos HD

17. Plunderland

18. Quickhook

19. Sword and Poker Lite

20. UFO on Tape

21. Warpgate

22. We Rule

23. Words with Friends HD


(played 25, completed 1)

1. Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery

2. Colorbind

3. Colorblind (this is the only game I bought this year because of a typo)

4. Cut The Rope

5. Denki Blocks

6. DoodleJump

7. Drop7

8. Dropship

9. eBoy FixPix

10. Edge

11. Espgaluda II

12. Eternal Legacy

13. Flight Control

14. Galcon Labs

15. Game Dev Story

16. Hoggy

17. Karmastar

18. Kometen

19. Monster Dash

20. Shibuya

21. Space Miner

22. Star Wars Arcade Falcon Gunner

23. Tilt To Live

24. Topple 2

25. WordFu+


(played 20, completed 0)
NOTE: Many of these were games I played as a judge for the Independent Games Festival’s 2010 awards. I’ve excluded the dozen or so games I played for the 2011 awards, as that judging is ongoing.

1. AaaaaaaAAaaaaaAAAaaAAAAAAAAAA!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

2. Bejeweled 3

3. Civilization V

4. Closure

5. Cogs

6. Doom (Here’s a good place to point out that any game, from any year, that I first played in 2010, goes on this list. So, yes, 2010 was the first year during which I played Doom.)

7. Faultline

8. Farmville

9. Heroes of Newerth

10. Killjet

11. Nidhogg

12. Miegakure

13. Monaco

14. Owlboy

15. Rocketbirds Revolution

16. A Slow Year

17. Starguard

18. Trauma

19. Vessel

20. Zuma Blitz


(played 3, completed 2)

1. Alien Zombie Death

2. Invizimals

3. God of War: Ghost of Sparta


(played 23, completed 9)

1. 3D Dot Game Heroes

2. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

3. Beat Sketcher

4. Dante’s Inferno

5. Dead Nation

6. DeathSpank

7. Def Jam Rapstar

8. Echochrome II

9. The Fight Lights Out

10. Heavy Rain

11. Joe Danger

12. Kung Fu Rider

13. Lost Planet 2

14. MAG

15. Mega Man 10

16. ModNation Racers

17. Racquet Sports

18. Resonance of Fate

19. The Shoot

20. Start The Party

21. TerRover

22. Top Gun

23. Yakuza 3

Xbox 360

(played 62, completed 21)

1. Afterburner Climax

2. Alan Wake

3. Army of Two: The 40th Day

4. Baby Maker Extreme (Yes, this is a real Xbox Live Indie game.)

5. Bayonetta

6. BioShock 2

7. Breath of Death VII

8. Call of Duty Black Ops

9. Castlevania HD

10. Castleviania: Lords of Shadow

11. CheneyStar

12. Chime

13. Costume Quest

14. Crackdown 2

15. Crisis in the Gulf

16. Dance Central

17. Dark Void

18. Darksiders

19. Death By Cube

20. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

21. Decimation X

22. Dorito’s Crash Course

23. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

24. Explosionade

25. Fable III

26. Fighters Uncaged

27. Gyromancer

28. Halo: Reach

29. Harm’s Way

30. Hypership Out of Control

31. Kinect Adventures

32. Kinect Joy Ride

33. Kinect Sports

34. Kinectimals

35. Lego Harry Potter

36. Limbo

37. Mass Effect 2

38. Medal of Honor

39. Monday Night Combat

40. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

41. Nier

42. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

43. Platformance: Castle Pain

44. PowerGig Rise of the Six String

45. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

46. Radiangames Crossfire

47. Radiangames Inferno

48. Radiangames JoyJoy

49. Red Dead Redemption

50. Shoot 1Up

51. Singularity

52. Snoopy Flying Ace

53. So Many Girls So Little Time

54. Sonic Free Riders

55. Soulcaster

56. Splinter Cell Conviction

57. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

58. Super Meat Boy

59. Toy Soldiers

60. Transformers: War for Cybertron

61. Vanquish

62. YourShape Fitness Evolved


(played 22, completed 12)

1. Art Style Light Trax

2. Art Style Rotohoex

3. Art Style Rotozoa

4. Bit.Trip Runner

5. Donkey Kong Country Returns

6. Endless Ocean: Blue World

7. Epic Mickey

8. Flingsmash

9. Fluidity (Only game in 2010 where I reached the final level but couldn’t beat it.)

10. GoldenEye 007

11. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

12. Lord of the Rings Aragorn’s Quest

13. Max and the Magic Marker

14. Metroid Other M

15. No More Heroes 2

16. Red Steel 2

17. Silent Hill Shattered Origins (Only 2009 game I finished in 2010.)

18. Sin & Punishment Star Successor (Game whose completion in 2010 made me cheer the loudest, and jump up and down in my living room.)

19. Sonic Colors

20. Super Mario Galaxy 2

21. Thruspace

22. Trauma Team
The final 2010 tally is: 193 games played; 51 finished

That compares to:

2009… 165 played; 48 finished

2008… 135 played; 37 finished

2007… 118 played; 35 finished

2006…102 games played; 21 finished


    • I think it’s pretty evident that when it comes to multi-platform games they tend to perform a little better on the Xbox than the PS3.
      Commercially & Critically.

      Case Point: Assassin’s Creed was reviewed on the PS3 not the Xbox.

      Whilst the Xbox receives stellar reviews for that series, when first launched back in 2007, Assassin’s Creed was listed as one of the best PS3 games. Mostly due to the lack of great games, it was however nominated for a lot of GOTY for the PS3 but not the 360 cause that console already had a lot of great games out in that year.

      And with that, the PS3 version sold just as much as the 360, almost even.

  • A list like this is more meaningful to me than reviews or sales numbers. Thanks! Now I have some titles to get with my game store credit that I have been avoiding to burn after getting over hyped titles and returning them the next day (*cough* goto hell GT5 *cough*). And fanboys/fangirls STFU! All systems have titles that are gold, you are just missing out if you restrict yourself to one platform.

  • That looks a lot more impressive than my list 🙁

    I did manage to finish most of the big name titles though (ME2, RDR and Reach to name a few) so that’s an upside.

  • What a mostly horrible selection of PC games, no wonder they remained unfinished. I barely remember any of the games I finished, weren’t that many. Just the blockbuster ones I can remember – ME2, SC2, Black Ops…nope can’t remember anything else. Don’t think I finished a single console game this year.

  • I finished around 25 games this year, but I can barely remember them. It hardly seems worth it because I know I spent long hours on Pikmin and Fallout 1 and 2 and have little clue what I actually did.

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