ICade Makes Your IPad Feel Like A Real Arcade Machine

What began life as an April Fool's Day joke is now a real product at CES 2011. This is Ion Audio and Think Geek's iCade, the mini arcade cabinet for your iPad.

The iCade was on display and working at CES, playing a pretty good Asteroids, one of the games that currently supports the SDK. The iCade uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad and runs on batteries — so no charging of that iPad sadly.

iCade will set iPad owners back $US99 USD when it ships this year. Fred will tell you more about it in the video above.


    would be pretty awesome running emulation of mame and such with this..

    but you would have to jailbreak it first, lol

      Will be looking forward to a android driver release, for this thing. :3

    would love to play some of the gamse like ultimate mortal kombat 3 with that, since it's great on ipod, it's just that it's too hard to control without the comfort of a joystick and buttons

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