If Toy Story Was Made By The Mass Effect People

Not since the Terminator had to decide what to tell the janitor knocking on his door has a movie icon had such excellent choices of what to say or do next. What should Toy Story's Woody do here?

The dialogue wheel in this drawing is a riff on the same system used in the Mass Effect games and that will be introduced to the second Dragon Age adventure, all made by BioWare, a studio that should maybe... make the next Toy Story game?

imgur via Twitter

UPDATE: Reader Andy Kluthe writes in to say that he did this first. His image appeared on Facebook in May 2010, so let's give him some credit. He deserves it. Here's his original image. Nice work, Andy!


    I'm Commander Chuloopa, and this is my favorite Mass Effect related joke on the Citadel.

      do you think woody would make the cut for your chuloopa squad?

        Quick on the draw and great flailing his limbs about.. He's a tentative yes.

        If he also had biotics he'd be tha shiz!


    Nice work andy, I have that picture too

    It would also be 30hrs longer, and be filled with side plots that have nothing to do with the main story but would flesh out some lore on why the bookcase was varnished.

      The boocase was varnished???!!!

      How about a spoiler warning next time?

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