Is The Walking Dead Creeping Towards A Video Game Tie-In?

Is The Walking Dead Creeping Towards A Video Game Tie-In?

When an entertainment property becomes as hot as comic book and television series The Walking Dead a video game is sure to follow, but from where? Telltale Games might be readying an adventure series based on the zombie survival epic.

They’ve got Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, so why not The Walking Dead as well? According to an event invitation received by 1UP, Telltale Games has plans to reveal five new multi-platform game projects on February 17, and The Walking Dead might be among them. The invitation describes one of the five new properties as:

“one based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it.”

That certainly sounds like The Walking Dead to me, as long as we stick the just-launched bit to last year’s smash hit AMC television series and not the Image comic book, which has been running since 20003.

If Telltale does have a game based on The Walking Dead in the works, I shall be quite pleased. We’ve already got plenty of video games that focus solely on destroying zombies, and that’s not what The Walking Dead is about. It’s about how humans interact in the bleak post-zombie-apocalypse setting more than anything, and that screams adventure game.

We’ve contacted Telltale about this speculative rumour and will update this post should we receive a response. Either way, I’m sure we’ll know something come February 17.

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  • I absolutely loved the first season of the show (although I thought it got a bit uneven quality-wise towards the end of the season compared to the stellar first episode), so I’d be interested in this. But film/TV tie-in games have a long, unhappy history, and while Telltale Games aren’t a bad developer, they haven’t yet really hit one out of the park, either.

  • Aw man…what happened to Leisure Suit Larry that isn’t godawful Telltale?!

    You already bagged Universal! Tell Vivendi to fuck off with the horrid “nephew of Larry” games and get back to Larry Laffer!

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