Is This The Real PSP2?

Is This The Real PSP2?

While the PSP2 is not yet official, there have been fan Photoshop creations. Apparently, this is not a fan-made creation. Apparently, this is a Sony-made one.

This week Sony is expected to unveil the new PlayStation Portable, which is currently being called the PSP2. As the reveal approaches, this art work surfaced online today.


  • It’s starting to get a lil exciting. IMO the original PSP was ahead of it’s time, and with such heated compettion i think Sony will really step up this time.
    HATE, HATE, HATE the silver insert though, piano black with fingerprints and smudges FTW!

      • There are less games on DS that interest me than on PSP. I don’t think youd call it a lack of games, but more, a lack of a good stream of good games and a lack of general interest (seriously when was the last time anyone got excited for a handheld game?)

      • @ Jimu lack of games you say!!!!
        I mainly go to IGN if i need cheap Jordans, but you cannot tell me that this list is not full of win

        this list is from 2009! Then look at the prices for these games on ebay! You can then add the latest GOW, MGSPW and Monster Hunter ( It’s kinda like pokemunz for grown ups, but instead of nurturing your monsters you skin them for armour!!)
        Coming up…
        Valkyria Chronicles 3
        Final Fantasy 4 + the after years
        Tactics Ogre
        The 3rd Birthday : Parasite Eve
        Patapon 3
        Oh and Dissidia012 Final Fantasy

        I know you have a semi right now 😀

        Time for a new PSP me thinks

    • The word fake does not do this image justice! The biggest giveaway? The two memory cards… firstly Sony never use anyone else but their own branded cards for this type of thing.. so why the SD card? And how long ago did Sony stop using the original memory stick in favor for the smaller memory stick duo?

      Makes it not even worth while pointing out all the other faults in this image…

      Still, got me interested in thinking what the real PSP2 will look like =)

  • So the Xperia Play (PSP Phone) and PSP2 look the same now? I didn’t mind the look of the PSP Phone as a phone but… as a game portable I don’t like it so much. Prefer a less clunky version of the prototype image. At least make it all black?

  • Hmmmm… no.

    I hate the silver, kind of makes it look cheap.
    Don’t really want a stylus either, or two different memory card types. I’d rather stick to a Pro Duo, or a new, faster version of it.

    Also, there is no way a UMD (or other similar media disc) could fit in that. I don’t want games stored on a card like a DS either…

  • I’m not sure about their choice of Memory Stick. That format has all been curbstomped by the various SD card form factors. Even Sony Ericsson’s phones and cameras can now come in SD-exclusive models.

    But using a combination slider + stylus form factor sounds horrible. What the hell were they thinking?

    If you’re going to have a single-screened device, make it capacitive touch screen.

  • If games are not available at retail because this thing does not use UMD’s and the only way to get games is the same way as the PSPGo, it has already failed. Retailers will refuse to stock this just like the Go and Sony faces the same problem as before because it is not backwards compatible with the original PSP library. Not to mention the fact that all game purchases go through Sony, so you will be paying RRP on most games unless they go on special on there say so.

    Even if thing has UMD or something new even so that it can be sold at retail – it is still going to fall flat on it’s face outside of Japan. Many people can’t justify spending more on a handheld then a console – if the 3DS is a tough sell at about $350-400, if the PSP is above the 3DS, it is not going to sell anything.

  • seriously if the left thumb stick is there. it’s auto fail. how damn uncomfortable would it be to play a twin stick game.

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