It Took 5 Video Games To Make This Image

This image is called "Captain Lights Part 2: Electric Boogaloo". Looks nice, but it's not entirely the artist's own work, seeing as it's actually a composite of five video games, a movie and a toy gun.

Call it an exercise in synthesising modern popular culture, call it a man with a desire to throw random crap in a pot and call it a stew, but you have to admit, once you know what's gone into this, it takes on an entirely different appearance to when you first glance at the image.

Each component is not "inspired by" its source. It is literally taken, cropped out of its original image, Photoshopped lightly then dropped right into this picture.

The background is from the box art of Modern Warfare 2. Her body armour is lifted from some female gear in Mass Effect 2. That gun and belt belong to Lara Croft. The body shape (and the glimpse of a tattoo on her left arm) are from Faith, the star of Mirror's Edge. The hair and the boots come from Lightning, from Final Fantasy XIII.

Rounding the picture off are a submachine gun from Avatar and a toy ray gun from WETA Workshps, the special effects crew behind Lord of the Rings.

Oh yeah, and there's a wolf there, too.

About the only things not yanked from an existing source in this hearty Photoshop broth is the face, as it belongs to Lights, the singer who last year had her hair cut to resemble Final Fantasy's Lightning.

Captain Lights Part 2: Electric Boogaloo [by Tim Gonzales]


    Lighting effect in this photo is weird, the edges of the dog and girl should not be so sharp and should be bright as the explosion produce lots of light

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