It's Fight Night As You've Never Seen It Before

I'm a big fan of the Fight Night franchise - but it's always been a multiplayer experience for me. I've always found the single player modes a little rigid and sterile. This new trailer however, which unveils Fight Night's new Champion Mode, shows the radical new direction EA are taking the series, and I don't know whether to be blown away or a little worried! One thing is for sure, this is Fight Night as you've never seen it before.


    Judging from the Twitter silence I was beginning to think I was the only one who had been impressed by this trailer.

    Kudos senior Mark, kudos.

      Agreed, but I still don't know any more about the Champion Mode from this trailer or the article.. Seems like an awesome Story Mode, if anything.

    Nice. I like it.

    so how exactly is it going to work, will you have to stay to a certain path?

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