Japan’s Biggest Jackass Is Now A Video Game Zombie

Esper Ito, above, is actually less creepy-looking as a video game zombie. No, really. But that still doesn’t take away his position as Japan’s bravest (and craziest?) comedian.

The Yakuza crime series of games is not only famous for its take on the Tokyo underworld, but also the absurd amount of Japanese celebrity cameos the games have. While these folks might not be well known in the West, they are household names in Japan.

The latest entry in the series is a bit different from the previous Yakuza games – it features zombies. That means one thing: famous zombie cameos!

Lending their voice and likeness to the games are Terry Ito (a famous producer known as the “godfather” of Japanese entertainment), actor and big time gamer David Ito (no relation to Terry) and funny man Esper Ito (once again, no relation). As you’ll notice, all of them have the same last name, and they’re all appearing as zombies in the same game. That’s so clever!

Sure, Esper Ito is a pretty creepy-looking dude, but he’s somewhat tragic, making a career out of getting hurt in selling stunts. Check out his man rocket, rubber glove habits, attempts to break a pencil or fun with dry ice.

“They say that drinking eight litres of water in five hours can kill you,” Esper once said. “I gulped down nine litres of beer in less than that and had no problem.”

Remember, Esper Ito might look like some weirdo in tights, but he’s the bravest funny man Japan has to offer.

Yakuza: Of The End is headed to the PS3 next month in Japan and features a whole host of brain eaters roaming the streets of Tokyo. Mmmm brains.

『龍が如く OF THE END』でテリー伊藤、デビット伊東、エスパー伊東がゾンビに [ファミ通.com]

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