Killzone 3 Is A Movie With A Game Attached

Hope you like your cinematic sequences, Killzone fans, because the third game in the PlayStation shooter series will have over 70 minutes of cutscenes.


    Wonder if it will help to improve gameplay at all.

    This and MGS4?

    PS3 confirmed for Blu ray player in disguise

    Lets just hope there's a story worth listening to this time, then.

    is that number really anything to write home about?
    most games with stories shoudl have that amount of cutscenes; Uncharted 2 as an example.

    The new MGS?

      lol, not even close... considering MGS4 at least had multiple individual cutscenes that were at least 70 mins each, Killzone has a long way to go still.

        Too true. The final MGS4 cutscene had a SAVE POINT for christ sake.

    as long as it has a good story, i'm fine with this

    like i would gladly watch 70 minutes of cutscenes if it's the same level of story writing and voice actors as the uncharted series

    70 minutes!? God, son, by the time I finish getting through all of that I'll be decomposing in my grave having died from a heart attack at the age of 83 after living a fulfilling life and raising two sons that I'm very proud of and my only regret being that I'm not able to spend more time with my adorable grandchildren.

    Yeah, 70 minutes really isn't that much. Big deal.

    Only? Bah, doesn't even touch the triple digit mark

    70 minutes isn't unreasonable, surely?

    At a rough guess, Mass Effect and other games like it would have a similar amount...

    I really don't understand why people bitch about cutscenes. As soon as you think a cutscene has gone on too long, skip it.

    If they make them unskippable, THEN start bitching.

    So they'll truly reach that goal "true game footage" (aka CG) video they showed at E3 all those years ago?

    so... is that 70 minutes in an average game, or is there a variety of scenes because of plot divergence and you only see part of that in one game? id like to see some less linear shooters, myself.

    Disaster: Day of Crisis has about 6 hours of gameplay and 2 hours of cutscenes =D There was a mode after you finish the game where you watch 90 or so minutes of the cutscenes just being played as a feature-length film. Pretty neat =)

    as long as there is an option to skip them, and i'll be happy to run through the game on elite again

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