Kinect-Controlled Gundam Mech Stands On Its Own One Foot

In the evolution of Kinect-controlled robotics, we've gone from a Roomba in November, to a robot moving its arms in December, now to one that may stand on one foot. We should be slaves to our robot overlords by May.

This is a Kinect-controlled V-Sido humanoid robot, dressed to resemble a Gundam mech. Sort of like the Kondo KHR-1HV shown here, both stand upright, but the V-Sido is able to swivel its torso and, later in the video, balance itself on one leg.

Control a Robot with Kinect [Sankaku Complex, thanks Mark]


    I can see the Fitness games making use of this type of tech latter down the track :D

    Bonus Humanoid trainer in every box :D

    I totaly thought that was the robot from Power Rangers.

      I don't think you could be less accurate with that guess if you said "I thought that was a banana I saw at Coles".

        A small off duty Chekoslavakian traffic warden?

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