Kinect Delivers Its Ultimate Slap To The Face (Of A Small Child)

Start at 1:00 in. It's OK to laugh. Because she survives.

Actually, she doesn't just survive, in the accompanying YouTube commentary her mother says "my daughter is fine" and "she doesn't even have any bruises", and commands us all to "watch it and laugh now!"

If you say so, lady.

The game in question looks to be "Kinect Adventures". Most of the games included in the compilation title involve things like rafting, leaning and slapping balls. Balls. Not small, defenceless children.


    reminds me of this classic



    Kinect Adventures is the only game with that violent 'rowing motion' that is just asking to get someone punched in the face/groin etc. None of the other games encourage such a fast violent movement that ends up with your arms flying out behind you where you can't see them. A bit of a game design fail, but great for youtube hits :)

    Aaaand it's gone! "This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's terms of service".

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