Kinect Player Kicks Cat Into Camera - Fake Or Not Fake?

A cat innocently wanders by his owner playing Kinect and is accidentally kicked across the room directly into the camera. Do you want to watch that? Hell yeah! But is it fake? You make the call!

Thanks Jared!


    The actual kick doesn't seem capable of launching the cat in the manner that 'occurred'. The head end of the cat is kicked, but the tail end gets most of the lift...

      I dunno. Kinda looked like he kicked it under the left armpit, and momentum probably carried its arse end towards the camera.

      But yeah, the kick looked a little weak to get kitty off the ground.

      Fake or not, it made me laugh. (I'm a total cat lover, by the way, so no harping on about me enjoying animal violence, thanks)

    i bet sony made this

    The cat sound-effect is fake, that's for sure. In slow-mo, the rest of the sounds were slowed down, but the cat sound stayed at the same speed. It was added in afterwards.

    Also, this one's better:


    There is too much mass (IE: fat) in the cat for it to fly through the air like that. besides a kick like that has the high chance of cracking or even breaking the ribs of the cat.

    So fake. You can see just at the moment before he kicks it, there is just a blur where the cat should be.

      Not to mention the tail changes colour mid-kick.

    Should be an instructional video either way.

    Cats are evil

    Of course it's fake, guys... Think about it.. They turn the camera on and the cat magically walks by... seems a little suspicious.. and if you look at the it frame by frame really closely, it doesn't actually look like the cat got hit... and it's funny how the cat can walk away without the littlest sign of a limp or damage...

    Things like this always set off my skepticism alarm, mainly due to the question of who the hell films themselves/their friends playing games?

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