KINECT SCOOP – People Sometimes Get Injured Exercising

KINECT SCOOP – People Sometimes Get Injured Exercising

Stop the presses folk. Hold the phones. The Age has reported that, every now and then, during exercise, people can injure themselves.

In this shock report, The Age’s Louisa Hearn claimed that Doctors are now on “Kinect Xbox Injury Alert“.

Collisions, sprains, ruptured ligaments and even broken bones now seem as likely to occur in the home as on the sports field for the 8 million people who have bought the new Kinect Xbox 360 controller since its release late last year.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, for the safety of its loyal readers, Kotaku would like to also issue a ‘Crossing the Street Injury Alert’, and a ‘Walking Up A Particularly Steep Hill Injury Alert’. Readers – please don’t walk up a steep hill, or cross the road without first consulting a qualified exercise physiologist. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t think about walking up the stairs.

Hundreds of people every year get severe injuries from crossing the street, walking up particularly steep hills, and climbing stairs. We’d like to ask you be careful, and clear all debris from the stairs, streets and hills before attempting any of these dangerous exercises, as it is possible to roll on your ankle, tear ligaments, and even break your ankle.

“I needed the toilet really badly,” claimed Angela, “so I ran up the stairs really quickly. On the last step I rolled on my ankle, and it really hurt. But once my Mum put some ice on it, it was alright.”

Let this horror story be a lesson to each and every one of you – stairs, roads and hills are incredibly dangerous. Don’t climb or walk without the express permission of suitable experts.

“Walking across the road is a big deal,” claimed Dr White. “Make sure you bend your knees while walking, and for the love of God walk in a straight line. For your safety and others. If you change direction quickly, you may be on the receiving end of a sore foot or, worse, a blister.”

Stay safe everyone.

Gamer Danger: Kinect Xbox Injury Alert [The Age]


  • This as a serious article would be extremely useful to QWOP guy.

    That dude seriously needs to learn how to walk.

  • Just do what I do; live inside a human-sized hamster ball all the time with no physical contact at all with the outside world!

  • To anyone who injures themselves with Kinect and believes Microsoft to be at fault:
    You are so dumb.
    You are really dumb.
    Fo’ real.

  • When my daughter was one, I slipped down the stairs while carrying her and broke her leg.
    If the only The Age had warned me about walking down steps….

  • Break bones? Really? Maybe get slightly sore but how in the hell can you break a bone because of kinect?!

    On NYE me and friends were playing kinect, while drinking, with barely enough space to move, with people at random intervals ducking through the play area and it didn’t take any conscious effort to prevent people from getting hurt in ANY way.

    So I guess I agree with the article here, if you’re afraid of hurting yourself playing kinect you’re probably in constant fear of every physical object around you, including a nice soft plushy couch. WARNING! BEING CLUMSY, UNOBSERVANT AND COMPLETELY IGNORANT OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS MAY RESULT IN A SMALL LEVEL OF INJURY SO DON’T DO ANYTHING, EVER.

  • Oh and “Collisions, sprains, ruptured ligaments and even broken bones now seem as likely to occur in the home as on the sports field” makes absolutely zero sense.

    Jumping up and down while trying to do a silly pose can’t possibly have the potential to be as damaging as someone tackling you at full running speed or accelerating a ball of various possible shape and size at you with maximum force. It just doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

  • Apparently according to this, Kinect isn’t designed for people ‘unaccustomed to heavy exercise’.

    Waving your hands around and jumping a bit is heavy exercise now? No wonder we’ve got an obesity problem…

  • I am so damn happy you wrote this.

    Reminds me of a story a workcober guy told me that more accidents happen in the workplace than on the roads. I suggested we work on the street.

    Now. My hands hurt from writing this. But I have never read an age article about RSI so there must not be a problem.

    What about the benefits of physical activity outweighing the potential for injury. Dumb. Just dumb.

  • yeah people be careful. now that your going from sitting on the couch to flailing in front of it. Your bones won’t be able to withstand the increased use and will promptly crumble leaving you nothing more than a boneless blob :P(no you won’t be able to roll around painting things different colors)

  • My dad broke his leg on a hill the other day. Wish he read this first. Now he’s crawling around his house like a baby with the spiders, cats and newspapers. ( true )

  • Damn our brittle gamer bones!!

    I would lock myself inside and just sit on the computer, but then i’ll get carpel tunnel!!!


  • I know it seems obvious, but a of people don’t even think to warm up. I know people who played all Christmas day and couldn’t move for weeks after

  • While I typically agree with the sentiment that major newspapers usually publish a bunch of BS, I actually don’t think this article is as imbecilic as you make it out to be.

    The target demographic for the Age by any guesses is probably those aged over 40+ and above, amongst other variables. To elaborate, when was the last time you saw someone “young” read a newspaper?

    The older generation simply do not associate video games with exercise, typically the most impressionable experience they’ve had is with the more traditional console gaming like the older NES and Playstation eras.

    So this may actually come as a revelation for a lot of them.

    • Let me guess…you’re “young”? Just because one is old does not mean one has no common sense or is stupid.

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