LA Noire Hits Aussie Shelves May 20

So, earlier today we saw the latest trailer for LA Noire, and handed a US release date, but just in case you weren't aware we thought we'd let you know that the game will hit Australian shelves a handful of days afterwards on May 20.

As to why we're receiving an Australian made game after the US, we have no idea, but it's good to hear that we'll be receiving the game at roughly the same time as the rest of the western world!


    Australian game? You must be mistaken, all the advertising says it's made by Rockstar Games... remember? >_>

      It was made by Team Bondi which is an Australian division of Rockstar.

        They're not a division of rockstar, they're a third party independent developer. Rockstar is only publishing.

        Also, Australian made game, yet we don't get it first. Thanks rockstar.

    I know this game has some awesome technology behind it but to be honest this game doesnt interest me. Visuals look stunning and facial expressions actually look human but i am struggling to see the gameplay mechanic behind it, Is it a sandbox where you go to different places and search for clues or is it going to be like heavy rain and just go for button presses to move the game on.

      which is different that RDR how

      go somewhere shoot 50 guys who all seem to die from a bullet yet you can take so many more

      if you haven't noticed Rockstar seems to want to make interactive movies these days

    Don't games tend to come out here on a Friday? I just checked the calendar and May 20 falls on a Friday. I'm thinking that might be a reason for the date. Things might be different if the 17th was a Friday.

      It must be a new trend for Take2 software, Duke Nukem Forever gets released here on the 6th of may which is also a friday.

        Most games now get released on Thursdays. Also the day for centrelink ad pension payments. Coincidence perhaps? With all the Friday releases maybe times are a-changing

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