Let’s See How Big This PSP2 Really Is

Let’s See How Big This PSP2 Really Is

Here’s how the new PSP2 (or NGP) sizes up compared to its competition in the handheld gaming space.

The long answer is below. The short answer is…it’s a monster of a handheld.



  • Totally random, what’s that font? It looks good!!
    So does the console on the right, pity there isn’t a DSI XL there.

  • Portable? Yeah right. That thing is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

    Personally, I would’ve preferred a sliding one.

    Nah, I would’ve preferred a glasses free 3D touchscreen. That would’ve been insta-buy.

    • Hey I used to have a TV that weighed over 20KG but it was portable (apparently) because they put a handle on it!

      Portable doesn’t equal practical after all…

    • You realise there’s a reason why Nintendo didn’t put 3D on the touchscreen right?

      It’s because touching it completely ruins the 3D effect.

  • Hmm its a bit too big. But on the plus side, the bigger screen is awesome. This is gonna make those 13 hour work shifts fly by! Haha

  • This thing is colossal. And the side-profile doesn’t even do it justice, it’s also the fattest of the bunch.

  • I’ve never really bothered putting any of my handhelds in my pockets. Any time I need entertainment (on the way to uni usually), I’ve got my backpack with me so the non pocket size of the thing doesn’t really bother me.

    • Yeah, the original PSP and the DS aren’t really pocket-sized, either. Unless you’re into the big MC Hammer baggy pants. When we take our DS anywhere it’s always in a hard protective case inside a bag/backpack. Not planning on buying either a 3DS or PSP2, but if I did I’d expect it to be a similar situation there.

  • Honestly Sony – this is like a student saying “Look at my pen, it’s A METRE LONG!!”.

    That’s not what’s good about a pen.

  • XD Nice comparison pic, though would have been interesting to see the thickness comparison and/or weight of each given, but hey at least now I know how big the thing is going to be n_n

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