Let's See If Superman 64 Really Is The Worst Game Of All Time

Some people say Superman 64 is the worst video game ever made, but why trust them? One brave man is doing the YouTube equivalent of flying faster than a speeding bullet. He's playing the game for us to watch.

"It's one of those so-bad-it's-good games," YouTube user ProtonJonSA says of the 1999 Nintendo 64 disaster, before showing us... oh, man... glitches in the game's canned playthrough that the developers thought would get us excited about the game, a terrible storyline synopsis screen, a wretched training level. And it gets worse and worse.

And that's just part 1.

It gets worse and worse.

ProtonJon has uploaded a bunch of playthrough videos, so you can watch level after level of the game. Eventually you get to the level 4 playthrough, which features an interview with the game's producer.

Through that interview we learn that Superman 64 might have sucked because the people who own the Superman franchise were hard to work with. Choice quotes:

Where did the idea of Superman going into a virtual world to save his friends come from?

Eric: Political reasons, as the licensor refused to let Superman kick "real" people…


Jon: Did Superman 64 turn out to be near what your team had envisioned at the start, or was the finished product sidetracked by hardware or other limitations?

Eric: Of course not. It is not even 10% of what we intended to do, but the licensor killed us!

Ouch. Watch the videos and cringe. Superman 64 is bad. I bought it recently and couldn't play past the first level. Terrible, terrible game. And now you can see the proof or relive the horror. Be careful.

ProtonJon's Let's Play Channel [YouTube]


    That's golden. Its great to see stuff like this saved actually, learning from mistakes and all that.

    BAAAAHAHAHAHHAHA that was amazing.
    Commentary made that video. Cant wait to watch the next one :D

    Surely Howzat Cricket is the worst game ever.

    When you're bowling, you can't press the button to end the run up, so every ball in a no-ball.

    LOL - he's like a polite version of the Angry Video Game Nerd!

    Cannot believe they were even able to release this game, the amount of glitches and pretty much everything is terrible. Hopefully everyone got fired after this.

    Still looks better than Big Rigs.

    ProtonJon is best known for this video:


    Its the second worst video game of all time.
    Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing is the worst.

    wow, proton jon got mentioned on kotaku! that must mean the world for him.

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