Let's See The PlayStation Phone In Action

Along with a "review", we've also got for you tonight some footage of the PlayStation Phone's menu, game performance and screenshots of the thing in action.

First up is the phone's menu system, which as you can see here is able to switch neatly between "phone" mode and "PSP" mode when the PlayStation Pocket app is activated.

This clip serves two purposes: the first to demonstrate that when playing mobile phone games on the handheld, the PSP d-pad controls don't suddenly replace phone controls. At least, not on existing software, and not on this model. Secondly, it shows that the phone is able to run high-powered Android games just fine. Which, really, you'd expect.

The third video shows a loading time comparison between a game on the PSPgo and the PlayStation Phone. While the phone appears to load much slower, remember, this may not be the final hardware or software it's running on, so this performance is liable to change.

Here are the more useful pictures of the phone's menu screens, showing what the unit looks like when it's not in "PSP mode".

And here are a ton of glamour shots of the unit, showing it from all angles as well as in comparison with the PSPgo.

索尼&索爱合力爆发PS Phone独家评测 [IT168]


    theyre about 3-4 years too late. it looks like it could very well be a great phone. unfortunately for every other company out there... apple revolutionized mobile phones forever and once you have an iphone, its hard to switch.

      Funny, I've got an iphone and I can't wait to get rid of it once my contract finishes up. Sure apple revolutionised the smartphone but most "proper" games so to speak are still very rubbish. Physical controls over touchscreen ones any day in my opinion. I'd gladly get one of these if it performs well.

        I agree. I can't wait to replace my stupid 3GS. Crap battery life, no flash in web browser, no physical controls or hardcore games. The only thing I like about it is the iPod integration. Bring on the Xperia Play!

        same here i kinda regret getting the iphone 4, itunes is so annoying

      The only reason anyone would get an iPhone over other options is the wide variety of applications. More applications, more people, more people making applications, repeat.

      It looks like a PSP with a phone in it, why is this so bad?

        Oh also bandwagon sorry. My friend bought an iPod instead of something cheaper or better because he wanted to fit in.

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