LittleBigPlanet Has Just Set Five World Records

LittleBigPlanet goes on sale in Australia today, but to celebrate the worldwide release of the game a group of participants have just helped the game break a total of five world records!

In a 50 hour LittleBigPlanet marathon the records broken included...

- Longest marathon playing a platform video game - Most video game genres played in one video game in 24 hours - MOst User-generated video game levels played in 24 hours

Congratulations to all involved - you can find out more info on Sony's record breaking efforts here.


    Those awards are just plain stupid. Most genres played on a single game in 24 hours? Almost sounds made up on the spot! Haha

    Just picked up my copy at lunchtime from EB - yay! :) Unfortunately I didn't get my Sackboy plushie that was supposed to be a pre-order bonus :( Apparently they've been delayed by the floods - boo!

    Oh, JB have LBP2 (standard edition) for $83, so you may want to buy it there or at least price match your plushie-less EB pre-order.

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