Live-Blogging Sony's PSP2 Press Event

Sony is almost universally expected to unveil an all-new PlayStation Portable at a special press event in Tokyo today. We're there, right now, in the front row, camera and keyboard at the ready. Please, won't you join us?

The times and dates for the commencement of the event are as follows. The liveblog is already open - we'll be having a little group chat about what's in store and answering your questions - but the actual press conference won't begin until the following times:

Kotaku Time: 11 p.m., Jan 26

East Coast: 1 a.m., Jan. 27

West Coast: 10 p.m., Jan 26

Japan: 3 p.m., Jan. 27

United Kingdom: 6 a.m., Jan 27

Sydney, Australia: 5 p.m., Jan. 27

Until then, why not pass the time by jumping into the blog? Your comments won't be made public, but we can see them, so fire away!

Kotaku @ PlayStation Meeting 2011


    Cant wait! I already have 3ds pre-ordered, cant wait to see the psp2! I played the hell outta my original psp before giving it to my niece not too long ago. I'd like it to be backwards compatible, but I'm not holding my breath.

      I'm thinking about purchasing the PSP2 first, then the 3DS when the lite model comes out. I'm assuming the PSP2 will be really well designed. Whereas the 3DS's battery and portability look bleak.

      Let's hope it looks like the PSP GO (with 2 thumb sticks) concept design. The rest looking like the PSPhone are a joke.

        Compared to the PSP's battery which is much better right?

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