LunchTimeWaster: Man In Gap

LunchTimeWaster: Man In Gap

LunchTimeWaster: Man In GapMan in Gap is awesome. It’s that simple. The game itself is also simple – you must find a gap and go there, or you will die.

Do you know how in Mario, they sometimes have those levels with the collapsing ceilings where you have find the spot where you won’t get squashed? Man in Gap is like that, in its purest, purest form. Accompanying this super simple mechanic is an awesome rhythmic soundtrack that pulses in synch with the music. Every time the ceiling collapses, it does so with an enormous ‘CLAP’, which occurs perfectly in time with the brilliant cock rock guitar blasting in the back ground.

It’s seamless. And I love it. I think you’ll love it too.

Man in Gap [Kongregate]


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