LunchTimeWaster: SHIFT: Freedom

Before I even understood the central gimmick of SHIFT: Freedom, I already loved it. I loved the art style, I loved the animation. But when I worked out the game's central mechanic, I became completely enamoured.

SHIFT: Freedom feels like an idea left over from Mario Galaxy - a game that plays with your idea of perspective and forces you to reinvent your perceptions to solve simple puzzles. It's the kind of game that makes you feel clever. The idea is that you can flip the world, and go inside platforms in order to finish the levels. It's tough to explain, but once you play you'll instantly understand how it works, which is part of the charm.

It's easily one of the best flash games around, and it's no coincedence it was made by the same chap who made K.O.L.M. - someone please find a way to put his games on Xbox LIVE Arcade. This guy has incredible talent. Seriously.

SHIFT: Freedom [Armor Games]


    I nearly lost my mind to K.O.L.M... do I dare even click through to SHIFT: Freedom... oh you know I will... at home though not at work...

    Don't forget to play shift 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well :D

    Seemed a bit buggy and slow for me...
    The original shift games work fine though. Must be the extra graphics in flash doing it.

    I keep coming back to this one. It's awesome fun. Even saves progress... though I've had to start again at home, because can't transfer saves from my work computer...

    Anyway, good one, Dr Mark!

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