LunchTimeWaster: There’s No TIME!

LunchTimeWaster: There’s No TIME!

LunchTimeWaster: There’s No TIME!No Time To Explain is soul-crushingly short, but it’s also ball-bustingly awesome, which kinda makes up for it. I’m sort of hoping that it’s the start of something broader, a meatier sequel that explores its cool ‘rocket gun as jump modifier’ mechanic, but part of me is happy for it to be a fleeting moment of greatness.

But one thing is for sure, it’s worth playing, just for the sheer joy of firing what initially seems like a massively overpowered blaster, but turns out to be an weapon that is integral to your movement around the game world. It’s a cool twist, but more importantly is an insane amount of fun to use. You jump then unleash the gun, like some uncontrollable proton pack, and that helps you leap longer and further depending on where you aim. It is so much fun.

Then, as quickly as it starts it ends. Sob.

No Time To Explain [Arcade Bomb]


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