LunchTimeWasters: Effing Meteors

If Jurassic Park has taught us anything, it's that using a toilet in the vicinity of a T-Rex can only lead to terrifying and embarrassing things. If Dinosaurs as a whole have taught us anything, it's that Meteors are bad and can make you extinct. Effing Meteors is a game where you guide those meteors, and extinct the crap out of Dinosaurs.

Effing Meteors is quite a unique game. You control your own gravity pull. Using that pull, you try and gather up space dust to create a giant Meteor, then send that Meteor hurtling in the direction of a planet, rendering all life on that planet extinct. This may sound boring, but the satisfaction of launching giant clumps of rock at another giant rock, combined with the risk/reward mechanics, makes Effing Meteors a lot of fun. Well worth a bash.

Effing Meteors [Kongregate]


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