Man Plays Zelda With Kinect

Kinect hacks are becoming ubiquitous, and every other week we're seeing creative people do incredible things with this new tech. Hopefully this will translate to some awesome new gaming experiences, but for now we're just going to have to be content watching this guy play Zelda, Call of Duty and Doom using Kinect!

Man hacks Kinect, plays CoD4, Zelda, DOOM [VG247]


    going off the doom video...

    this is amazing, why?
    in the end you are just trading off one key input for another key input, yes, you are now using your body, but you are still doing key input actions, rather than actual movements that mimic what you want your avatar to do. the experience is just silly, rather than pressing left to strafe left you get to wag your leg?

    Only saw the Zelda one, same opinion as kkagari.

    Why the f-ck would you play Zelda like that – using your head and neck as a D-Pad?!! Just stupid.

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