Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Already Woefully Out Of Sync With Comic Book Reality

For a while, it seemed that Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds could fit into current Marvel Comics continuity. Not that that's important despite we comics readers sometimes caring a wee bit too much about continuity.

The game and the comics seemed to be lining up okay. Captain America and Magneto, for example, are in the game and currently not dead in the comics.

Sadly, news from Marvel today suggests the comic universe and the game may no longer be in sync. Today, you see, is the day that Marvel Comics revealed a new look for... MODOK.

Old-look MODOK? Giant-fat-head in a floating chair. That's in the game.

New-look MODOK? Giant-fat-head that sits on a chassis of spider legs.

I would be able to raise more false outrage if I wasn't saving it for the fact that DC Universe Online will feature Wonder Woman in her classic costume, not her new one, based on the screenshots I've seen.

Someone explain this! Time warp? MODOK clone? Make it make sense.

FIRST LOOK: The New M.O.D.O.K. [Marvel Comics, via Twitter]


    More overpriced DLC packs from Capcom to come it seems. Or an overpriced retailer based exclusive. Or an overpriced super deluxe limited special edition.

      Which i'm obviously going to have to fork out for. That new MODOK looks sweet!

    If you thought I had evolved beyond the need to evolve, you were wrong!

    New MODOK could just be a 2nd costume for Shuma Gorath :P

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