Mass Effect 2's Launch Trailer Strikes Back

BioWare is giving PlayStation 3 owners a chance to play Kotaku game of the year contender Mass Effect 2 next week, priming them for sci-fi excitement with a new launch trailer for the game. How does it compare?

Specifically, how does it compare to the original Mass Effect 2 launch trailer for the Xbox 360? It's not often we get two launch trailers for what is essentially the same video game. And since many Kotaku readers argued that Mass Effect 2's launch trailer from 2010 deserved to be among our "best of" list, this might be more of what you're looking for.


    It's ok. I can't get over how ugly the default male Shepard looks though. BioWare should have stuck a helmet on him.

      I don't like it. Its not my Shepard. +1 for sticking on a helmet when they do trailers and videos.

    Launch trailer was better. I remember the first time I saw it, I was at work and on the edge of my seat.

    Noticed the graphics are 'brighter' in the PS3 one.

    There is a very good chance that I may buy this all over again on PS3, and there is no rational reason why.

    Always gives me shivers, Shepperd is just plain awesome.

    It's interesting watching the launch trailer now, and realising just how much of the suicide mission it shows you!

    I loved the heck out of the original trailer, and to top it off, the game lived up to the hype! Can't wait for ME3

    Pretty similar trailers, but I thought the music was MUCH better in the 360 trailer.

    360 trailer was so much better!!

    Plus umm big deal its on ps3 n dont get to enjoy mass effect 1 n carry a shit load more choices then like a couple in the ps3 comic

    If your new to me please buy 1 n 2 n 3 on one platform so either pc or xbox

      I Own PC and 360 Mass Effect 1 & 2 with all the DLC on both.
      Recently got a ps3, wasn't going to get it but since I'm a playstation plus subscriber and it will be on PSN I'm going to get it on PS3 as well and then probably get Mass Effect 3 on PS3.

    Original way better, more epicness.

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