Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Planet, Yakuza Shown In PSP2 Form

Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Planet, Yakuza Shown In PSP2 Form

The PSP2—or the NGP, as its currently codenamed—may be powerful enough to play PlayStation 3 games. At today’s coming out party for the next-generation PlayStation Portable, Sony and friends showed just that.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida likened the power of the next PSP to that of its current home console. A handful of developers took the stage to show just that, playing an all-new Uncharted game designed for the new handheld, as well as a few games based on existing PlayStation 3 titles.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima showed a demonstration of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots running on the PSP2, looking almost as good as its console counterpart. “This game used the model data and environments from PS3, and it was exported directly to NGP,” Kojima said, adding “On NGP, we can enjoy the same quality as the PS3.”

Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi also showed off a PSP2 version of Yakuza 4, extolling the ease of using PlayStation 3 assets, saying the Yakuza team created its NGP demo in a very short time frame.

Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi showed two games running on the PSP2, a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to illustrate the system’s backwards compatibility with downloadable PSP games and a demo version of Lost Planet, which looked close to its PlayStation 3 ancestor.

None of those titles were officially announced as PSP2 games, however.


  • The screen is 5 inches, everything looks good on a 5 inch screen. My Wii looks as powerfull as a PS3 plugged into a 5 inch screen.

    • Then you will be surprised to hear its better than the 3DS battery. 4-6 hours; same as the PSP 3000 vs the 3DS 3-5. These are with both systems other features on such as wi-fi. The problem is the 3DS uses the same battery as current DS where as I suspect the NGP uses a newer battery or simply the OLED uses less juice.

  • Damnit, guys, stop calling it Yakuza 4. It had zombies in it, for crying out loud! It’s evidently Yakuza Of The End!

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