Microsoft Sells 8 Million Kinects

Kinect had its doubters, myself included, but it seems like it is finally time to declare that Microsoft's peripheral has been a resounding success. At CES today Microsoft announced that it has sold over 8 million Kinects, which has helped push Xbox 360 unit sales to over 50 million.

It seems that not only has Kinect been successful, its success has also helped push the Xbox 360 towards a new mainstream market. It's strange - over Christmas it seemed that, personally, family gaming sessions, which usually circulated around a Nintendo Wii and Wii Bowling, was now all about drunken parents making a fool of themselves on Dance Central. My very own mother even called me on the phone to talk about buying an Xbox 360 - which is a surefire sign that a tech product has gone mainstream.

What do you guys think? Is it too early to declare Kinect a resounding success? And is there mileage in the device? Let us know in the comments below.


    They already have a huge gamer following the boys and girls at Microsoft just proved that there is always room to expand your target audience, it might still be a little too early to call it a resounding success but 8 million copies is no small amount. personally experienced a drunk Christmas kinect adventure

    We bought one, but the gloss has already worn off. Maybe with some more uses of the thing, or some cooler stuff, like headtracking to change the view on-screen.

    I'm amazed it sold that many, I thought the supposed economic downturn would have made the 360+Kinect+games too expensive, but I guess not.

    I do wonder if it will get the game attach rate after the initial rush, but at least that is enough in homes to get developers interested.

    I still think they should have used a wider angle lens, we have a pretty big loungeroom, but still have to move the couch to get 2 player working, which basically means we only play one player games.

      Head tracking to change view? How will that work exactly?
      If I turn my head to the right then I wont be looking at the tv.

        It's already in the Fitness Evolved game... and it works, it's limited, but it does work.

    I think it is a success in terms of branding and permeation of consumer consciousness. 8 million sales in the time it's been out is significant (Christmas not withstanding). Now they just have to back it up. They can churn out party games, but like the wii, it will get a bit same old, same old. The real mark of success will be if they can continue this momentum by keeping their new casual audience and making it worthwhile for all of us that already have a 360 to get one to. Have seen nothing to convince me of the latter. Yet...

    8 million units and no good games. (other than dance one)

    Whomever makes the next good mainstream game (which will probably be internal MS) will make good money

    The Wii blows unless your 1st party everyone else barely makes their money back on those titles. (but then the whole process is silly and needs to be cheaper so more of the product cost actually goes to the develeoper)

    It depends how you measure success. It's sold a lot of units, so it's a success for Microsoft.

    But from a gaming point of view, what's on offer? Now that Dance Central has been and gone, what is the next big Kinect game on the horizon? The big 360 games for the year look like being Gears 3 and Forza 4. If there's something that anybody is supposed to be excited about for Kinect, I haven't seen or heard of it.

      I've heard a bit off buzz for Fora 4 with Kinect control but i'd take the feedback of a decent wheel setup over waving my arms any day. Unless leaning into the corners (whilst still using the wheel) actually helps just that little bit more.

        If you drive a car by waving your arms... you're doing it wrong.

          I drive my car by waving my arms. I just happen to be holding a steering wheel at the same time. Which is actually exactly what the Wii tried to do...

          Anyway, I haven't heard of anything, but I'm sure they'll find some party games to throw on there that will be fun, whether it will hold people's attention or end up sitting in the corner gathering dust, like many wii's I know, remains to be seen.

        That's not a Kinect game, though, it's just bolting Kinect functionality onto a game that doesn't need it. Similar to Sony's use of Move controls / head-tracking in GT5.

        More worrying for MS is that it's not just the lack of core-gamer type games that are offering nothing interesting this year, but there doesn't even seem to be anything the casuals will give a toss about. Is there?

        How about a motorbike racing game where you lean into the corners?
        Don't know if kinect would be accurate enough to pick up the smaller motions of acceleration/ breaking ect though.

    I think a lot of the more hardcore gamers are waiting to see how this will be incorporated into games we actually want to play.

    For instance, if something like this was used in LA Noire to pick up pieces of evidence and simply handle them in real time, or a GTA style game to interact with the environment it would be immensely popular and the tactile sense of immersion thats been lacking for a while. With no gimmicky stick to hold.

    If and when the third parties jump on this, which I think is inevitable now, we hopefully see some true use of the device.

      I don't think that Kinect will ever really appeal to or target hardcore gamers. I think that the suggestions in your second paragraph are great and would definitely add to aspects and elements of "hardcore" games, but a seven to eight hour session of these things just won't cut it.
      I think that the creative ways they can incorporate the tech to break up a button mashing session will determine if the "hardcore" take it up.

    It's amazing the influence Oprah has, she talks about it and it's a huge success!

    Didn't pick one up and I'm still looking to see how it will work with some 'regular' games like Gears, Forza, etc.

    The Move is the same, not enough solid software at this time, but at least we have seen it's use in action with MAG and Killzone 3 and it seems to work pretty well.

    With Kinect in these games, nothing has been shown about how it will work so there is understandably concern.

    Peter Moore said something about why there is no Kinect support for Tiger Woods '12...

    "The team basically ran out of time from a development perspective, we were looking at how we could integrate the technology that is Kinect, which is obviously doing very well, and put it into a game that requires you to hold something to have that real element of integration and authenticity."

    Source -

    This will be the problem for games like Gears or Forza, ultimately they might not feel 'right' and if no one can make Kinect games feel right, then the big games will still be played with controllers and the software lineup will be endless amounts of party games just like the Wii.

    Grammar Nazi here, pointing out a typo - "It seems that not only has Kinect been successful, it’s success has also helped push the Xbox 360 towards a new mainstream market."

    "*its* success"

    Make that 50,000,000,001. Our Xbox 360 in the lounger my little sisters use needs replacing as it just got an E-74 error.

    Motion gaming reminds me of a few things.

    WoW came along and cleaned up so everyone made their own MMO to try for a slice of the pie. But it was too little too late, they shone briefly before being abandoned for the original and refined WoW.

    Avatar 3D breaks cinema records so film makers go nuts on the 3D movies and tv makers start churning out 3D tvs claiming it is the future. They will sell a bunch to start with no doubt.
    But all the movies are average and the tv's impractical and expensive and 3D will probably be largely forgotten like the fad it is.

    The Wii arrives and makes a truck load so the competition races to create their own motion gaming scene.
    But core, complex games and those that play them require accurate controls that waving your hands or a wand cannot provide.
    After the initial hype of something new those that want waving party games will dust off the Wii they already own.

    Imo Kinect is a great technology, but not so much for games. At least not until it evolves into some kind of virtual reality, probably along with the tidbits realised from the 3D craze in a multiplayer format that WoW made us realise was great.

    Honestly the Kinect is worth it just to play with the stuff they're doing with hacks.

      That could be an interesting point, how many of them 8 million are actually being used with a 360?

      There will be a sizable percentage that want the tech for applications on their PC, etc...

    Bought one, loving it to bits. My friends love it, keep coming around to play dance central. My PC elitist best mate suddenly wants a 360 specifically for Kinect and dance central.

    This thing is mind blowing. Love it so much :)

    I bought one, I got my money's worth- but honestly, haven't plugged it in in a couple of weeks now. Are there even anymore games coming out for it?!

    I wouldn't mind trying it if it worked with wheelchairs.

    Given that I haven't seen one single TV ad for it all summer (I don't watch a lot of FTA TV admittedly) then I'd say it's a resounding success.

    Both Me and my brother bought one - and after playing it all Xmas day our younger bro wants one for his 360 too!

    I'm glad to hear it did well as the mainstream western devs (god not Ubisoft with their Wii-alikes though) will jump on board with some good games.

    I really fail to see how Kinect has been a success outside of the short-term financial category. Are gamers actually interested in this thing? Seems more like a social fad.

      Really? 8 Million units in 2 to 3 months and you fail to see how it is a success? Even its launch shovelware is receiving decent reviews. Have some family around whack this thing on and regardless of age and/or gender you'll pretty much see people having fun. For a console that has been basically viewed as the home of console fps that's a hell of a success right there. This technology shifts units on pure potential alone...just like the Wii did.

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