Microsoft’s Plan To Get The Girls Is Simple

Microsoft’s Plan To Get The Girls Is Simple

Steve Ballmer, head honcho at Microsoft, argues that Kinect for the Xbox 360 is the way to get 15-year-old girls cursing up a storm on Xbox Live in a new interview with USA Today.

The animated Microsoft CEO ends that quote by saying “we haven’t done as good a job drawing in that broader set of demographics.” Ballmer also says the Xbox 360 “isn’t a gaming console,” but “a family entertainment center” and “a place to socialize.”


  • As much as I’d love to rip on that statement, anything along these lines gets put into perspective by that CRAZY speech the Sony president made prior to the PS3 launch about how we would be jacking in to virtual cities with out PS3’s…

  • Steve Ballmer reckons the 360 “isn’t a gaming console”?

    Well I guess that explains MS’s 2011 firstparty lineup, then…

    • I don’t have a problem with that being my family. I had a two year old who can already play games and my wife uses it for movies. I think that it is already happenig and I couldn’t be happier. Just what I want in every room of the house.

      • Had or Have?
        And a 2 Year old playing video games… seriously?

        THIS is what is wrong with the youth of today! He should be eating snails and mud. If not introduce him to a diet fast!

  • In a nutshell he just described what the rest of Kinect’s lifespan will hold for us: games for teen girls (ie: more dancing games).

    • Nah, they’re just expanding service delivery to their core audience.

      The primary complaint about live is that it’s full of 13 year boys… teenage girls is just one more thing they want, now the xbox can provide that.

  • Ack he makes it sound like the Xbox is aimed at 15 yo’s – mind you playing through Gears 2 now I’d tend to agree 😛

  • I saw an add on australian tv the other night I think, with some girl about to use the xbox to watch a movie and her friends are like “lulz, why do u have an xbox” and then she looks over and her muscular boyfriend is doing something and the girls all giggle and go “oh thats why”.

    I was kind of facepalming whist watching this. It’s true that it can be used as a media centre though, I know I use mine as such.

  • My wife certainly gets more use out of the Media Centre function than the games.

    As for Kinect – I see the cheap face to face video calls as being the main draw for teenage girls (rather than any Imagine Babiez type game that no doubt Ubisoft will eventually crap out)

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