Milla Jovovich Hated All Day Long By Angry Fans

Milla Jovovich Hated All Day Long By Angry Fans

Actress Milla Jovovich starred in all four Resident Evil films. While the movies are based on the games, her character is not. And man, that pisses off some internet nerds.

Jovovich tells website CVG that the reason her character Alice was created was to avoid restrictive game story lines, which could change due to internal Capcom politics. When the actresses met with film director and future husband Paul W.S. Anderson, she originally told him that she wanted to be Jill, one of the game’s heroines.

“Capcom changes a VP and suddenly the storyline changes,” explains Jovovich. “So he [Anderson]needed to create a character that was a bit more like the audience. The innocent coming into this who they can relate to without needing to know her history.”

The liberties that Anderson and Jovovich took in creating Alice might have resulted in box office success, but didn’t win over some hardcore RE players.

“There are, like, 15 people in the world that spend all day really hating me,” says Jovovich. “Like horrifically hating me with a passion. They’re always writing.”

The fans are not happy with Alice or the films or whatever. Conceding that you can’t please everyone, Jovovich adds, “If you want the game, play the game. The game is such a sprawling world.”

At this point, the games and the movies seem to be moving in such a different direction. The movies are the movies. The games are the games. There’s no need to get worked up about Hollywood’s take on the franchise. Is there?

Interview: Milla Jovovich: ‘People spend all day horrifically hating me’ [CVG via GoNintendo][Pic: Getty]


  • I start by saying “From what I can remember” of the first one, the movie was still crap, but it wasn’t too bad in providing a RE experience.

    Even the second one was good with Jill and Nemesis, but it was in this one where it really started to fall away from what the games were, when they started giving Alice superhuman powers, etc.

    Let’s face it though, even the RE games have silly storylines, so you can’t expect the movies to be Oscar worthy, they are a mindless action romp that have loose ties with the games, that’s why I like them and completely agree with her point about “If you want the game, play the game.”

    • except that alice’s powers made sense and they never let them get to the point where they were making her invincible since they took them away

      having here merge with the T-virus and not have any benefits would have been plain stupid

      what was interesting was the alice clones all went and got themselves blowned up

      it’s a shame the actress who played Jill didn’t come back for the third movie

  • I love how fanboys think just because they understand one franchise on one medium that they understand the process of adaptation between media. What a crock.

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