MMA Contender Muscles Up For A Brutal Release

Unsanctioned, underground, unlicensed and uncompromising, says the mixed martial arts title Supremacy MMA. It's also unrated as of now, but as 505 Games insisted this video be shown behind an age gate, one can expect it to be rated M.

That would make Supremacy MMA the second major sports game to get a Mature flag from the ESRB in the coming year. Though recent MMA titles like UFC Undisputed and EA Sports MMA held themselves to a T rating, for obvious sales and growth purposes, Supremacy MMA will go for a harder presentation, along the lines of maybe Tekken with a Fight Club edge to it.

Unsanctioned doesn't mean unknown, though, at least in the case of its big star, announced today. Jens Pulver, who fought above his weight in the UFC for years before they finally created a lightweight division (which he promptly won), lends his likeness and backstory to the game. A release date is not yet set for the Xbox 360 and PS3 game, but one should be coming soon.


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