Mordor Is Real, And It's In Sicily

It's been nearly 350 years since Mt Etna blew its top in a major way. Until yesterday, when Europe's largest active volcano spewed hot lava for two hours - within shouting distance of these people's houses. Location, location, location.

Fortunately the eruption didn't cause any injuries or damage, which means that the residents of this volcanic village were treated to an amazing fire show. Fortunately, many were intrepid enough to have their cameras at the ready. Video cameras, even!

Although my favourite is this still shot from Ivan Iraci's Flickr page. You can just about make out the Eye of Sauron if you squint hard enough:

Me, I would've had a hard time keeping the camera steady as I RAN SCREAMING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. [BNO News via Gawker, Top image: Mario_C_]

Republished from Gizmodo


    Quick cover the source block!

      hahaha, top banana

    Wait, wait, wait... By saying Mordor is in Sicily, as a weak link to the culture on this site of games/books, are you implying that evil forces reside in Italy? :p

      Have you learned nothing from Assassins Creed?

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