More Spy Shots Of The PlayStation Phone Sneak Out

Seemingly more evidence that Sony Ericsson's long-rumored PlayStation Phone (aka the Xperia Play?) has emerged today in the form of a handful of new shots of the still unannounced device. What's new?

Xperia and PlayStation branding have found their way onto the PlayStation Phone, for one. The device's menu system also seems to indicate that the phone will run Android Gingerbread 2.3 (which Gizmodo recently reviewed).

Will we see an announcement of the device at this week's CES? And will the Xperia Play make a spring release, as previously reported? We may find out by this Wednesday, when Sony holds its CES 2011 press conference.

[轉貼] [PSP Phone] Xperia Play真機照,採用Android 2.3 [HK Golden Forum via Engadget]


    Sony... why can't you keep any secrets?

      because this kind of leak generates hype...

    I was super excited about the concept of a PSP phone. But these images make me feel less excited.

    Is anyone going to make something that doesn't look like a gen3 iphone?

    REALLY unsure about touchpad analogues. Absolutely HATE playing most so-called core games on iPhone/iPad. Street Fighter is a pain in the ass, never mind FPSs.

    Does the word 'tactile' not come up at tech company brainstorms these days? "Hey that Apple thingy dont need no buttons... so we doesnt neither!"

    I was in Flinders st station today in melbourne australia and i swear beyond doubt that i saw a man holding one of those. About 25 looking skinny bloke. It looked pretty good but quite large, nearly to large for my liking.

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