Motorstorm’s Boxopalypse, Now

Motorstorm’s Boxopalypse, Now

The box art for MotorStorm: Apocalypse, which got its release date earlier today. U.S. is on the left, Europe’s on the right. Once again, the Old World got the winner; apparently dune buggies move product in North America. [via Playstation.Blog]


  • Baffles me why game covers aren’t the same across regions. Do they make new covers that use less-expensive colour ink to minimize cost or what?

    • I’d rather have our boxart than the hideous crap that gets served up in the US. And you just know that if they DID go for standard packaging then they’d just use the US version everywhere.

      I will not have my copy of ICO defiled by the crime against humanity that is the US box art for that game!

    • Marketing someone in the us division reckons off road sells , while in Europe they aimed for the helmet either suggesting people want to think of it more of a racer or becAuse one may tie that image to apocalypse stig

  • Left one is stupid for the “look” they’re going for. I mean the left just looks like these cars are causing damage. The right shows the so called “apocalypse” world the cars are driving in.

    I agree, the US get really bad covers, Mass Effect 2 case point!

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