Mysterious URL Hints At More Final Fantasy XIII

Mysterious URL Hints At More Final Fantasy XIII

An online site registration could once again prove that gaming’s endless role-playing franchise isn’t anywhere near its finale.

The website was recently registered by “Corporation Service Company”, which is the same company that registered domains for Square Enix games like MindJack, Nier and Gun Loco. What a kwinky dink!

The URL for role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII’s official is

Next week, the Tokyo-based game maker is holding an event in Japan next week, so if this URL is in fact real, it could be related to that. Final Fantasy XIII sequel, anyone?

Kotaku is following up with Square Enix and will update this post should the company comment.

superannuation [Twitter via Unofficial Final Fantasy Site][Pic]


  • So Square Enix is potentially making a sequal to one of the most dissapointing games EVER, and the worst game in the Final Fantasy series?

    Seriously Square Enix, where the Fu*k is my FF7 remake??!!

    • Might help in the future if you went in with less pre-conceptions and tried to judge the game on it’s own merits. It wasn’t the best Final Fantasy game ever, but it sure wasnt a disappointment. Judged by itself, it was a good game.

      • That’s true, whilst I found it disappointing (mainly due to my ridiculously high hopes) from a story perspective it was actually a well designed beautiful looking game.

      • No, no it wasn’t. It was a bad game with good cut
        scenes. The gameplay was boring.
        Losing control of your party was a pisspoor decision.
        Kingdom hearts you had no control over the party and it was a much more fun game.

        Asking someone not to compare the 13th game in a series to the previous installments is ridiculous.

        • I had never played a FF game before… so I had no preconceptions other than it being a beautiful looking game, which it was.

          That did not, however, stop it from being shite.

      • It wasn’t. In fact, ‘judged on its own merits’ and without the Final Fantasy pedigree, the thing would have bombed and every publication (including the hilariously biased Famitsu) would have derided it as everything that’s wrong with JRPGs.

        It’s a disappointment.

    • @ Zen Marx
      I don’t think SE can gamble on an FF7 remake. You add voices to all those classic characters and you destroy it for everyone.

      Remember Metroid Other M.

  • YESSSS! It could be the planned, then dropped, DLC. FFXIII was the best game of last year, so anything more is always appreciated.

  • Doubters should think of this as an opportunity for SE to make up for the FFXIII letdown. It’s better to try and fix the FFXIII universe (which in my opinion had a lot of potential) rather than leave it as something people would rather forget. And hey, if they screw it up again, at least they didn’t do it with a new Final Fantasy universe.

    • OR, they could stop and think… ‘hey, why does FF suck now? Why were the PSX games so popular? Hmmm, maybe we shouldn’t be trying so hard to make our characters so wanky and cheesy and poorly written as ‘mature’, and go back to what we did right before!’.

      Which they probably won’t do. It’s probably more along the lines of ‘they aren’t wanky ENOUGH! Next game will contain 100% MORE cheese and wankiness! *high fives all around the FF office*’.

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