Name These Famous Video Games, If You Can

Here are two tricky puzzles for you to solve.

Don't ask me for the answers. I don't have them. But I'm sure you can figure them out together.

From Reddit, via NeoGaf.


    This is a great idea.
    In the first puzzle my guesses are:

    B5=Orange box
    D6= Silent Hill
    A6= Dance Dance revolution
    D5= Double dragon
    E5= Ultima online
    C1= Half Life 2
    A2= Left for dead
    F1= Odin sphere
    C4= Assassins creed

      I'm guessing:

      D1= Halo
      F3= Chrono Cross
      D4= Golden Axe

      and C1 is probably just Half Life, not number 2.

    I think I solved a few on the bottom one, I see;
    Soul caliber (pistol with "soul")
    uncharted ("charted" in cross out sign thingie)
    Shadow of the colossus (shadow of word "colossus")
    metroid prime (13 is a prime number)
    Wipeout ("out" being wiped)
    Midnight club ("club" in the middle of "night")
    Bay-on-etta (doucwatididthar?)
    Heavy rain (the rain is heavier)
    just cause (the image is just "cause")
    Starcraft (crafted from stars"
    Far cry (self explanitory)
    red faction ("faction" is written in red)
    oh and the last two are portal (just a guess...)

    For the second puzzle my guesses are:

    B6= Red faction
    F3= Metroid Prime
    B5= Heavy Rain
    D4= army of two
    C3= Shadow of colossus
    B3= Uncharted
    A3= Animal crossing
    D3= Time Crisis
    A4= Wipeout
    C4= Torchlight
    E1= Dig dug
    A5= Bayonetta
    C5= Just Cause
    E5= Starcraft
    F2= Dead Nation
    B2= Pokemon
    B1= COD:World at War
    A2= Dj Hero
    A6= Far Cry
    E4= Borderlands
    F5= SWAT 4

    These are all the best to my ability before i start work and get yelled at.

    Puzzle No. 1!

    1-c Half Life 2?
    1-d Halo
    1-e Wii Sports
    2-a Left 4 Dead
    3-f Crono Cross
    4-a Space invaders
    4-c Assassins Creed
    4-e Dead Rising
    4-f Battle of the Atlantic?
    5-b Orange Box
    5-d Double Dragon
    5-e Ultima Online
    6-a Dance Dance Revolution
    6-d Silent Hill

    Puzzle No.2!

    1-c Medal of honor
    2-d Soul Calibre
    2-e gears of war
    3-a animal crossing
    3-b uncharted
    3-c shadow of colossus3-d time crisis
    4-a wipe out
    4-e borderlands
    4-f midnight club
    5-a bayinetta
    5-b heavy rain
    5-c Just Cause
    5-e star craft
    6-a far cry
    6-b red faction
    6-d bomberman
    6-e Portal?
    6-f Portal 2?

    Obviously, I do not know all of them, but here is my attempt.

    First one.

    1-C: Half-Life
    1-F: Odin Sphere
    2-A: Left 4 Dead
    2-B: Link's Crossbow Training
    2-D: Lost in Blue
    2-E: Area 51.
    3-F: Chrono Cross
    4-C: Assassin's Creed
    4-E: Dead Space
    5-D: Double Dragon
    5-E: Ultima Online
    5-F: Fruit Ninja
    6-A: Dance Dance Revolution
    6-B: Pit Fall
    6-C: Dr. Kowashima's Brain Training (specifically the colour puzzle)
    6-D: Silent Hill
    6-E: Never Winter Nights
    6-F: F-Zero

    Now for the second one

    1-A: One Must Fall
    1-C: Medal of Honor
    1-E: Dig Dug
    3-A: Animal Crossing
    3-B: Uncharted
    3-C: Shadow of the Colussos
    3-D: Time Crisis
    4-B: Weather Channel
    4-C: Torch Light
    4-D: Army of Two
    4-E: Border Lands
    5-A: Bayonetta
    5-B: Heavy Rain
    5-C: Just Cause
    5-D: Pac Man
    5-E: Starcraft
    5-F: Cooking Mama
    6-A: Far Cry
    6-B: Red Faction
    6-C: Centipede
    6-E&F: Portal

      Just worked out another one and found I was wrong on another. Both are in the first puzzle.

      4-F: Star Ocean (shocked as I am a fan of that series!)
      6-B: Fallout (shocked again as I am also a fan of that series too).

    Puzzel 1:
    C1- Half Life. E1- Wii Sports. F1- Odinsphere. A2- Left 4 Dead. F3- Chrono Cross. E4- Maybe Dead Rising. B5- The Orange Box. D5- Double Dragon. E5- Ultima Online. A6- Dance Dance Revolution. D6- Silent Hill. and F6- F-zero.

    Puzzel 2:
    E2- Maybe Gears of War. A3- Animal Crossing. B3- Uncharted. C3- Shadow of the Collossus. D3- Time Crisis. A4- Wipeout. C4- Tourchlight. D4- Army of Two. B5- Heavy Rain. C5- Just Cause. E5- StarCraft
    A6- FarCry. B6- Red Faction. Finally E and F 6 Portal.

    There all the easyones done

    First Puzzle:
    D2=Lost in Blue
    F5=Chrono Cross
    D4=Golden Axe
    C6=Rainbow 6?

    Puzzle 2:
    C3=Shadow of Colossus
    D3=Time Crisis
    C5=Just Cause
    A6=Far Cry

    Cool puzzles. Doing left to right per row...
    First Table:
    C1 = Half-life
    E1 = Wii sports
    A2 = Left 4 Dead
    F3 = Chrono Cross
    D5 = Double Dragon
    E5 = Ultima Online
    B5 = Orange Box
    A6 = Dance Dance Revolution
    B6 = Fallout
    D6 = Silent Hill

    Second table:
    E2 = Gears of War?
    A3 = Animal Crossing
    B3 = Uncharted
    C3 = Shadow Colossus
    D3 = Time Crisis
    A4 = Wipeout
    A5 = Bayonetta
    B5 = Heavy Rain
    C5 = Just Cause
    E5 = Minecraft
    A6 = Far Cry
    B6 = Red Faction
    D6 = Bomberman

    That's all I can do with the spare time I have xD

    b5: oragebox
    a2: left 4 dead
    d6: silent hill
    C1: half life
    D1: Halo!(look me awhile[hey low])
    C4: Assassins creed brotherhood?
    B8: Fallout
    Second picture:
    E6 and F6: Portal
    D3: time crisis
    A6: cry out
    B1: world of warcraft?
    B3: uncharted
    B6: red faction
    F3: metriod duh.
    meh, I'll let the others find the rest.

    A few of my guesses;

    1st puzzle:
    D1 - Halo
    E1 - Wii Sports
    F3 - Chrono Cross
    A4 - Space Invaders
    D4 - Golden Axe
    A5 - Mega Man
    C5 - Little Big Planet
    B6 - Fallout
    E6 - Never Winter Nights
    F6 - F Zero

    2nd puzzle:
    B1 - World of Warcraft
    C1 - Medal of Honor
    D1 - Golden Eye
    C2 - Perfect Dark
    D2 - Soul Caliber
    E2 - Gears of War
    A3 - Animal Crossing
    B3 - Uncharted
    C3 - Shadow of the Colossus
    D3 - Time Crisis
    F3 - Metroid Prime
    A4 - Wipeout
    C4 - Torchlight
    D4 - Army of Two
    A5 - Bayanetta
    B5 - Heavy Rain
    C5 - Just Cause
    E5 - Starcraft
    A6 - Farcry
    B6 - Red Faction
    E6/F6 - Portal

    damn.. some of these are hard!! here's what I've figured out so far..

    first square

    1b: Twisted Metal
    1c: Half Life
    1e: wii sports
    2a: left 4 dead
    2e: area 51
    2f: altered beast
    3e: Q-bert
    3f: Chrono Cross
    4a: SPace Invaders
    4c: Assassins Creed
    4d: golden axe
    4e: Dead rising
    5b: orange box
    5c: double dragon
    5e: Ultima Online
    5f: Fruit ninja? (really not sure bout this one)
    6a: Dance Dance Revolution
    6c: Rainbow Six
    6d: Silent Hill
    6e: Neverwinter Nights
    6f: Hexen

    Second Square
    1a: One Must Fall
    1b: World at war?
    1c: Medal of honor? (again not sure)
    1d: Golden Eye
    1e: Dig Dug
    1f: This could either be Counter Strike, or maybe cross counter
    2d: Soul Caliber
    2e: Either crossed swords or gears of war
    3a: Animal Crossing
    3b: Unchartered
    3c: Shadow of the Colossus
    3d: Time Crisis
    4a: Wipeout
    4c: Torchlight
    4d: Army of Two
    4e: Borderlands
    5a: Bayonetta
    5b: Heavy Rain
    5c: Just Cause
    5e: Star Craft
    5f: SWAT?
    6a: Far Cry
    6b: Red Faction
    6c: Centepede
    6e&f: Portal?

    Help me guys! this is driving me nuts now!! ;)

    A1-Endless Ocean?
    A2-Left 4 Dead
    A4-Space Invaders

    B1-Twisted Metal?
    B5-Orange Box

    C1-Half Life
    C4-Assassins Creed
    C5-Little Big Planet
    C6-Rainbow 6?

    D3-Angry Birds
    D4-Golden Axe
    D5-Double Dragon
    D6-Silent Hill

    E1-Wii Sports?
    E2-Area 51
    E4-Dead Rising
    E5-Ultima Online
    E6-Neverwinter Nights

    F1-Odin Sphere
    F4-Star Ocean

    wow, so no-one got elite beat agents on B4?
    i feel special!

      I was about to to say the same thing about Elite Beat Agents

    Don't think I'm going to do as well as some of the people who already posted but here we go (only going to include the ones I know, not the ones I guessed).

    A2 = Left4Dead
    A4 = Invaders
    A6 = Dance Dance Revolution
    B4 = Elite Beat Agents
    B5 = Orange Box
    B6 = Fallout
    C1 = Half Life
    C4 = Assassin's Creed
    C6 = Rainbow 6
    D4 = Golden Axe
    D5 = Double Dragon
    D6 = Silent Hill
    E5 = Ultima Online
    F1 = Odin's Shadow
    F3 = Chrono Cross
    F6 = F-Zero

    A2 = Audio Surf
    A3 = Animal Crossing
    A4 = Wipeout
    A5 = Bayonetta
    A6 = Far Cry
    B1 = World at War
    B2 = Pokemon
    B3 = Uncharted
    B5 = Heavy Rain
    B6 = Red Faction
    C3 = Shadow of the Colossus
    C4 = Torchlight
    C5 = Just Cause
    D3 = Time Crisis
    D4 = Army of Two
    D6 = Bomberman
    F4 = Midnight Club
    E6 and F6 = Surely that has to be Portal

      Wait...there's no such game as Odin's Shadow haha, Odin Spere is what I'm goin for. Also, I meant Space Invaders. Wow, I should really read over my posts before I hit submit.

    The first one :?

    1a: Endless Ocean
    1b: Twisted Metal
    1c: Half Life
    1d: Halo
    1e: Wii sports
    1f: Odin Sphere

    2a: Left 4 dead
    2c: Saints row
    2d: Lost in the blue
    2e: Area 51
    2f: Altered beast

    3a: Serial killer
    3b: Triple zero
    3c: Dark Times (mod)
    3d: Angry Birds
    3e: Q-bert
    3f: Chrono Cross

    4a: Space Invaders
    4b: Elite beat agents
    4c: Assassins Creed
    4d: Golden axe
    4e: Dead rising
    4f: Star Ocean

    5a: Mega Man
    5b: Orange box
    5c: Little big planet
    5d: Double dragon
    5e: Ultima Online
    5f: Fruit ninja

    6a: Dance Dance Revolution
    6b: Fallout
    6c: Rainbow Six
    6d: Silent Hill
    6e: Neverwinter Nights
    6f: F-Zero

    I would do this myself but i'm at work and dont really have time, but can someone put all of these together and make a list of what we don't have? I would make a list myself but I'd probably be repeating others. and the thread is getting long.

    If someone makes a list of what we don't have we can work on those, one I know is
    2nd Puzzle
    1A One Must Fall

    My answers (before reading the comments :P):

    First one:
    C1: Half Life
    E1: Wii Sports
    A2: Left 4 Dead
    A4: Space Invaders
    C4: Assassins Creed (maybe)
    A5: Mega Man
    B5: Orange Box
    D5: Double Dragon
    A6: Dance Dance Revolution
    D6: Silent Hill
    C6: Neverwinter Nights

    A1: One must Fall (haven’t heard of it but thats my guess)
    B2: Call of Duty: World at War
    C1: Medal of Honor
    D1: Dig Dug
    D2: Soulcalibur
    B3: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
    C3: Shadow of Colossus
    D3: Time Crisis
    A4: Wipeout
    C4: Torchlight
    D4: Army of Two
    B5: Heavy Rain
    C5: Just Cause (maybe)
    E5: Minecraft
    A6: Farcry
    B6: Red Faction
    D6: Bomberman
    E6: Portal

    Second one, a bit harder than the first :?

    1a: One must fall
    1b: World at war
    1c: Medal of honor
    1d: Golden Eye
    1e: Dig Dug
    1f: Counter-Strike?

    2a: Audiosurf
    2b: Pokemon
    2c: Perfect Dark
    2d: Soul Calibur
    2e: Gears of War

    3a: Animal Crossing
    3b: Uncharted
    3c: Shadow of the Colossus
    3d: Time Crisis
    3f: Metroid Prime

    4a: Wipeout
    4c: Torchlight
    4d: Army of two
    4e: Borderlands
    4f: Midnight Club

    5a: Beyonetta
    5b: Heavy Rain
    5c: Just Cause
    5e: Starcraft
    5f: SWAT

    6a: Far Cry?
    6b: Red Faction
    6c: Centepede
    6d: Bomberman
    6e: Portal
    6f: Portal 2

    my guesses

    Puzzle 1
    a2 - left ofr dead
    a4 - space invaders
    a6 - dance dance revolution
    b3 - cannon fodder
    b4 - elite beat agents
    b5 - the orange box
    b6 - fall out
    c1 - half life
    c4 - assassins creed
    d2 - lost in blue
    d4 - golden axe
    d5 - double dragon
    d6 - silent hill
    e1 - wii sports
    e2 - area 51
    e3 - qubert
    e5 - ultima online
    f1 - odin sphere
    f2 - altered beast
    f6 - F-zero

    Puzzle 2
    a1 - one must fall
    a2 - audio surf
    a3 - Animal crossing
    a4 - wipe out
    a5 - bayonetta
    a6 - far cry
    b1 - COD: workld at war
    b2 - pokemon
    b3 - uncharted
    b5 - heavy rain
    b6 - red faction
    c1 - medal of honour
    c3 - shadow of the colossus
    c4 - torch light
    c5 - just cause
    d1 - golden eye
    D2 - soul calibur
    d3 - time crisis
    d4 - Army of two
    e1 - digdug
    e4 - border lands
    e5 - star craft
    e6 - portal
    f1 - x13
    f3 - metroid prime
    f4 - midnight club
    f6 - portal 2

    A1-Endless Ocean
    A2-Left 4 Dead
    A3-Killer Seven
    A4-Space Invaders
    A6-Dance Dance Revolution
    B1-Twisted Metal
    B2-Myst 3
    B4-Elite Beat Agents
    B5-Orange Box
    C1-Half Life
    C2-Saints Row
    C5-Little Big Planet
    C6-Rainbow 6
    D2-Lost in Blue
    D3-Angry Birds
    D4-Golden Axe
    D5-Double Dragon
    D6-Silent Hill
    E1-Wii Sports
    E2-Area 51
    E4-Dead Rising
    E5-Ultima Online
    E6-Neverwinter nights
    F1-Odin Sphere
    F2-Altered Beast
    F3-Chrono Cross
    F4-Star Ocean

    A1-One Must Fall
    A2-Audio Surf
    A3-Animal Crossing
    B1-War in Middle Earth
    B4-Maybe Windwaker?
    B5-Heavy Rain
    B6-Red Faction
    C1-Medal of Honor
    C2-Perfect Dark
    C3-Shaddow of the Colossus
    C5-Just Cause
    D2-Soul Caliber
    D3-Time Crisis
    D4-Army of Two
    D5-Pacman comes to mind, but seems to obvious, having trouble coming up with anything else though
    E1-Dig Dug
    E2-Gears of War
    E3-Brain Box
    F1-Counter Strike
    F2-Dead Nation
    F3-Metroid Prime
    F4-Midnight Club
    F5-Swat 4
    F6-Portal 2

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