New Mass Effect Comic In A Couple Of Weeks

Few would argue that Mass Effect doesn't feature one of the most densely developed universes in all of gaming, so it makes sense in the so-called age of convergence that Bioware would be keen to expand their franchise in numerous different directions - hence the release of Mass Effect: Evolution, which Bioware has just announced will go on sale on January 19.

Mass Effect: Evolution is set to explore one of the most exciting areas of Mass Effect's history – the period of time when the first Mass Effect relays were discovered – and will feature one of the series' most enigmatic characters: the Illusive Man. So, in short, it's totally worth reading if you are in any way interested in the rich, layered back story of Mass Effect.

And never fear – even if you live miles away from a Comic Book store, or doubt your local's ability to stock the book, you can still pick it up online, according to the Bioware blog.

Check with your local comic shops or bookstores to pick up a copy or order online. And, for the first time, you can order digital copies of Mass Effect Evolution through the Dark Horse Digital Comics program or through the Dark Horse brand bookshelf app on iTunes. This means if you are not near a comic book shop, or live overseas away from retailers, you can still get your digital copies of Mass Effect Evolution and learn the secrets of The Illusive Man.

For more info, and a preview of the comic itself, head here.


    Ooh, perfect timing, 2 days before I'll be leaving for the US.
    Now to decide whether to get it before I go, or take advantage of being in America for a potentially lower price and some on-the-way-home entertainment.

      Stop rubbing it in that you're going to the US while the rest of us stay here and have to go to work!!!


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