New Wolfenstein Bucks 3D Trend, Goes Completely 1D

id Software's groundbreaking first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D has been stripped to its core, shedding two dimensions to become playable on a "single, dazzling one-pixel line".

After three decades, the 1992 original has been remade by Wonder Tonic with a graphical underhaul that truly underwhelms. Thrill as you walk to the right, shooting blue and orange lines (Nazis!), opening cyan lines that represent doors and desperately hoping for a magenta line to appear when you're down to your last bullet.

If you truly do not care about graphics, play Wolfenstein 1D.

Wolfenstein 1-D [Wonder Tonic]


    Surely you mean "spanning" three decades, not "after" three decades.

      No, 'after' three decades is correct, spanning doesn't make any sense in this context

    Hate to nipick but one pixel line is 2D, not 1D. the clue is in the name. '1 Pixel" which would be the height, which would be a dimension. The 'Line' would be the width. That's your second dimension right there.

      Well, points on the plane could be represented as (x,y). However, as the line is only 1 pixel in width, every point can be represented as (1,y) i.e. by the y-coordinate only. I'd say that fits the article's working definition of 1D.

      Well, I don't mind nit picking so much, so....

      This game is 1D just as much as Wolfenstine was 3D.

      Technically there was no jumping, steps or stairs in W3D, thus making it a game with 3D perspective projected onto a 2D display device, with only two translational and one rotational degrees of freedom, most commonly controlled with a 2D x-y pointing device (or mouse).

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