Nintendo 3DS To Use Friend Codes?

Nintendo 3DS To Use Friend Codes?

Nintendo 3DS To Use Friend Codes?And the hits just keep coming. After finding out that the 3DS would be region locked, we’ve just gotten word that the 3DS may be using friend codes.

The latest issue of Famitsu has just hit shelves, and features a look at Super Street Fighter IV 3D. According to Andriasang, a website focusing on gaming news from Japan, the preview discusses managing your online friends list with ‘friend codes’.

There is no mention of Friend Codes use being ubiquitous across all 3DS titles, but it’s still a bit worrying that Nintendo are still stubbornly clinging to what was universally recognised as one of the most non-user-friendly means of playing online ever created. We understand that Nintendo needs to make online gaming secure for a broader audience, but surely there is some kind of middle ground here?

Super Street Fighter IV Online Play [Andriasang]


  • I’m just waiting on the announcement for a first party toilet training game, because Nintendo quite obviously thinks their entire audience are naive little kids who don’t know better and need protecting.

    Together with your dodgy launch catalogue, you’re starting to lose me Nintendo…

  • Region locked and friend codes?

    Wow it’s looking less and less likely i’ll be getting one of these…

    … well at least until the 4ds comes out 😛

      • Fairly sure the 4th dimension is not time, as you cannot move independently through it.
        (you can move in time without moving around in 3D space, but you can’t move around in 3D space without moving in time.)

  • In fairness to Nintendo, the only reason they do all this crap is because they don’t want to get sued and attacked by idiotic and naieve parents whose child was an idiot and started talking to ‘bad people’ over the internet due to a lack of ‘security’ on this ‘child’s toy’.

  • Surely Nintendo can add more Parental Controls for this kind of thing? They did it with the 3D effect to protect young children, I don’t see why controls for internet use couldn’t be set as well.

    • Stupid stupid IMO this stupid system increases piracy most dont chip there xbox because they don’t want to loose there online little risk if the online is so backwards you probably won’t use it

  • the thing is, i don’t really care, i don’t like portable games online, so friend code or not, i’m still getting it

  • What are you doing Nintendo? You entice us with all the good details early on, then drop the many bombshells just months from release? Shame on you.

    Didn’t they say that the one area they needed to work on was online? I see they decided they don’t care about that anymore. My 3ds purchase is getting harder and harder to justify with each day.

  • ARGH I HATE THAT REGION LOCK. when i go to japan later this year, i wont be able to get any cool ds games :'(

    Nintendo have made a fair few costly mistakes over the years and they have been big. they could have had FF7 on the N64 but nobody would buy a ~20 cartridge game.

  • Dear god nintendo, you can’t be this stupid can you.

    People have been telling you for years that this system is absolutely useless, and still you cling to it.

    Not a good sign for their next home console either if they stick with this for the handheld.

    Introduce tags already nintendo ffs

  • Is Nintendo mental? Friend Code is the the second biggest no-no for me playing their games online (the first would be the DS’s incompatibility with WPA Wi-fi networks). It’s a big fucking chore.

    In this world of bluetooth, NFC, and companies minimising the friction involved with logging onto and using their services, Nintendo thinks of something stupid like this.

    The DS had free reign for ages and was riding on Game Boy legacy with hardly any competition. Now it has the biggest fight on its hands against the likes of the iPhone and it they do this.

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