Nintendo Conference Tonight - Aussie 3DS Details?

Both the US and Europe will most likely have their Nintendo 3DS details sorted overnight, but what about Australia? Well, most likely we'll have to wait until a later date, or be left to speculate based on the European pricing, which will most probably be in a similar range to Australia. That being said, there are still a number of good reasons to be tuning in to the Euro/US conferences tonight - could a new Metroid or Animal Crossing be announced for the 3DS?

Nintendo and UK TV presenter Jonathan Ross have promised surprises, so we better get them! [Shakes fist] .

There will be a live stream tonight, and Vooks has provided a pretty nifty little guide for those looking to stay up and watch the conference live.

The timings for Australia are as follows...

Perth - Wednesday 10:00 PM Brisbane - Midnight Wed-Thursday Adelaide - Thursday 12:30 AM Sydney - Melbourne - 1:00 AM Auckland - Thursday 3:00 AM

You can watch the live stream here. I'll most likely be live tweeting the event (@Serrels) and Vooks will be reporting the news as it happens.


    Pre ordered the 3DS two weeks ago and I'm sure as hell watching this tonight :D

      Where did you pre-order it?
      I'm waiting until more stuff about it comes out.
      You never know, you may be missing out on a launch bundle or paying a higher price.

        I only put down $50 on my pre order so it doesnt matter how much the final price will be

    Thank god I got the night off. I hope they sort out our release date and prices too. I mean its only a couple of months until launch, they would be leaving advertising and crap until the last minute which is bad. I remember waiting a whole year for the Xbox 360 "the next generation is comming!" while ads circulated and it got me even more excited.

      I just checked Yes Asia, the Japanese model costs around $550 USD. Link:

      Do not be surprised if they try and prices the Australian model for around $700 to $800.

      At that price and the region lock, I plan to import anyway, once I find the US version on sale.

        Surely you don't mean Australian. It is 350 at the most according to EB.

        $550 WTF.No way I'm paying that much for a 3DS

        That can't be right. The Japanese model equals about $300 US. So EB and GAMES $350-$400 sounds on the mark. Besides they wouldn't dare with that ridiculous price. They really, really wouldn't.

        Uh what? In Japan the 3DS is worth $300-ish.

        $550 US? I highly doubt that!

        First off, It'd probably be as powerful as an X-Box 360, probably better, and I think I remember one of the developers stating that it was "as powerful as a Gamecube".

        Plus, a straight currency conversion is $300 US, so I think that Yes Asia just trying to get a cheap buck.

        Plus, there's no way nintendo would EVER produce a home console more than $300 US, so I think it's safe to say that the 3DS isn't going to be disgustingly expensive.

    What the?! What about Melbourne?

      For Melbourne, it'll be 1am, just like Sydney. Though after hearing about the region lock *shakes fist*, I'm slowly leaning away from getting this on the first day and adopting a wait and see approach

      never heard of it.

      sydney melbourne time is the same einstein

        Easy now, I though they were listing times for the release of the hand held.

        It was not until after I made the post that it was referring to the time of the streaming.

    We already have a animal crossing, but no release details.
    Begging for metroid. A Dread-ful metroid.

    According to Vook Nintenblows has already confirmed no 3DS news for Australia @ this event.

    ...seems I won't get much sleep tonight.


    We already know there is Animal Crossing on the 3DS

    I will be watching the conferencem, super excited to finally get a date (I assume Australia's date will be in a similar time frame) a closer price and a launch lineup.

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