Nintendo's New Wii Game Has Classy Music And A Large Back Tattoo

Nintendo is making a new Wii game, and it's called Pandora's Tower. This is it.

As hinted at earlier today, Pandora's Tower is one of the new games revealed at today's Nintendo investors meeting in Tokyo.

The game features the subtitle of "Until I return to your side." The teaser site features classy piano music and the above image, which features a young woman (or man?) with a back tattoo or marking of some sort.

Pandora's Tower will be released in a couple of months on the Nintendo Wii in Japan. No word about the West.

There was concern about a lack of games for the Wii in 2011, but perhaps this title is a sign that Nintendo has been working steadily on new Wii titles.">パンドラの塔 [Nintendo]


    Oh hey, another ridiculous looking heroine with stupid hair and half naked?

    Japan? Gotta be.

      Oh hey, another bald space marine with stupid armour and homoerotic muscles?

      Western? gotta be.

        Well said. USA games are tired. =D

      If this proves to be a man (which I believe it is, I don't think Nintendo would do something like this with a topless woman, back turned or not), it would say volumes about their obsession with disturbingly effeminate anime men.

    Wait - an original game? FROM NINTENDO!?

    And here I was thinking Pikmin 1 was just a fluke. That said looking at how they are treating The Last Story internationally, this one defs wont see international release :'(

    "Japan? Gotta be."

    Er... no? If it was Japan, that'd 100% certainly be a male.

    It is Japan, so... gotta be male.

    The gameplay from this game looks hott i hope it makes its way to na soon japan makes tha best wii games

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