No More Heroes For PS3 Boasts Big Beam Katanas

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is coming to North America only on the PlayStation 3 and bringing PlayStation Move controls right along with it. Here's a new look at Travis Touchdown and Bad Girl of the hi-def No More Heroes.

Publisher Konami hasn't locked down a release date beyond 2011, but we hope they find a good spot for this Wii to PS3 update in this already busy year.


    I'm annoyed that they're not bringing this out on the 360, it looks like a fun game, not enough reason by itself to get a Wii or PS3 though

      It is coming out on 360 with kinect support

    PS3 games don't have region locking right?

    because i MUST import this! never had a wii, always loved the look of the game

    3rd time lucky I suppose. I don't think I'll be shelling out for this game again ;)

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