Not Even Superman Can Defeat Mother Nature

Not Even Superman Can Defeat Mother Nature

Sony Online Entertainment’s massively multiplayer superhero game DC Universe Online launched yesterday, and I was not there to see it. What diabolical villain kept me from playing a major MMO release on day one?

What you are looking at is enough snow to cause a major metropolitan area to grind to a halt. It may not look like much to folks living in Northern regions, but for a city where this much frozen precipitation falls maybe once every ten years, this is plenty.

There’s a copy of DC Universe Online headed my way, but the post office has been closed for the past three days due to icy road conditions. So has FedEx. UPS revealed this morning that they would attempt to deliver three days’ worth of packages today, but are leaving delivery decisions up to driver discretion. Looking outside I see cars sliding down the main road outside of my apartment complex, so I’m pretty sure our driver is going to discretion right past us.

The whole ordeal speaks volumes on the merits of digital distribution. Had I ordered the game online I would have been playing since last night, though with no Chinese food or pizza delivery operating in my area it just wouldn’t have been the same.

The sun is out today, but with the temperature hovering at -4C, the chances of the ice going away is relatively slim. Hopefully I’ll be playing by the weekend. Until then, I’ll find other ways to keep myself amused.


  • you realize that we’re underwater in qld at the moment right? And in light of that complaining about a bit of snow seems kind of crap.

    • Lol – just because QLD is underwater doesn’t mean his point is any less valid. In fact, with digital distribution I too could have avoided this whole flooding mess and be playing a copy of 3D Dot Heroes right now. It’s out there somewhere. I’m here 3D Dot Heroes – come find me…

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