Now You Have One More Reason To Buy Killzone 3

Perhaps you want to get more use out of that 3D television or your PlayStation Move controller. Perhaps you just really like Killzone. Or perhaps you want to play SOCOM 4 before it's released.

Yes, Killzone 3 will serve as the PlayStation 3 owner's ticket into the system's next big exclusive shooter, SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs. That game is slated to hit sometime in April, giving you plenty of time to wrap up the latest Hellghast shootfest.


    Wait...what? What on earth is this article going on about? Is Killzone 3 coming with the beta of SOCOM 4 or...what?

    Yeah, this article doesn't explain it. I guess its a beta or something but who knows.

    I read elsewhere (I think it was Eurogamer) that the SOCOM 4 beta is a pre-order bonus for the USA. In Europe it's only for Playstation Plus subscribers. Not sure about Australia.

    As always, Australia gets shafted. :(

    Yeah, I would imagine that AU PS+ would be apart of that SOCOM Beta also...

    In the new version of Kill zone the enemies and heroes are same but the environment is different. All the controls are fantastically improved and easy to use especially aiming, jumping and other movements are exceptionally well.


    I guess being the Australian SAS are just to awesome to be put in a video game. That and they rarely die.

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